Information for Parents, Family and Friends about Loss & Grief

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It is important to for those who experience pregnancy or infant loss to be surrounded by those who understand and empathize with their particular circumstances. Here are some general details about loss and grief that may help.

Early Pregnancy Loss
Neonatal Loss
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Share provides free resources to all bereaved parents and their loved ones.

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Additional Information about Loss

Understanding Rights of Parents

The term “rights” is not used as a mandate for the bereaved, or as a militant statement of demands. It is an affirmation for parents who wish to be involved with their baby, to make decisions based on informed consent, and to assume the parenting role in meaningful ways despite tragic circumstances.


Memorial Planning

Unsure of where to turn and what to do to memorialize and honor your beloved baby? Share has developed some basic guidelines to help. Bittersweet…hellogoodbye: A Resource in Planning Farewell Rituals When a Baby Dies is an excellent reference while planning any type of memorial.


Online Funeral & Memorial Resources

Looking for a gift for a bereaved parent? Find jewelry, mementos, urns and other memorial items and more.


Healing the Bereaved Heart
Grieving is a process that cannot be rushed through or pushed aside. It can be difficult to deal with the roller coaster of emotions that you may face. Following are a few helpful ideas to consider as you heal.

Faith & Spirituality          Starting Traditions          Creating Memories

Children & Grief

Children grieve, too. Discover the different reactions to grief for various age groups and how to best address their feelings.


Friends & Extended Family
Oftentimes, family members and friends of a newly bereaved parent feel helpless as their loved one struggles through grief. Find suggestions for how you can help.


Additional Resources
See our listing of organizations for specific types of loss, groups that donate memorial items to hospitals and foundations that provide financial assistance for funeral costs.