Sr Jane2Sister Jane Marie Lamb, OSF
Share Founder


In the fall of 1977, Sister Jane Marie Lamb, OSF and other hospital staff members began Share due to the insistent urging of one bereaved young family at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois  Within four months, the first support group met and Share continued to grow under Sister’s leadership and endless dedication. Glen Davidson PhD, Professor at SIU Springfield School of Medicine was also very instrumental in helping Sister Jane Marie change the way that perinatal grief was handled within the hospital community.
When Cathi Lammert, Share’s previous Executive Director, visited Sister Jane Marie Lamb days after her diagnosis of terminal cancer, Sister Jane Marie expressed about Share’s growth “It was beyond my wildest dreams that this could happen!” She told Cathi that “her life was so full and blessed due to the ministry of Share and the other work she had been involved with. She was grateful to have met so many wonderful people and she was appreciative of all the people who carried on the work of caring for the bereaved parents.”
Share continues to live in Sister Jane Marie’s legacy and provide support for bereaved families in their darkest times. With over 100 Chapters nationwide, Sister Jane Marie is truly an inspiration within the Share and bereavement communities.
Share’s History Timeline
  • Established an AMEND (Aiding Mothers and Fathers Experiencing Neonatal Death) chapter in Decatur, IL after meeting with Louis AMEND organization
  • Share group was founded at John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois by Sister Jane Lamb, OSF
  • Began providing education on perinatal loss and bereavement in hospitals, colleges, seminaries and the groups
  • Researched means of removing bereaved parents’ names from mailing lists of unwelcomed direct mail and published address nationally
  • Began process of providing parents burial options for miscarried babies
  • Peppers & Knapp published the first book on perinatal loss and included a section about Share
  • Negotiated with First Foto to begin providing free pictures for those parents whose baby had died
  • Established a symbol to be placed on the door of the bereaved parents’ room to alert staff of the baby’s death
  • Developed a hospital packet of information for bereaved families
  • Began working with national media
  • Local Share couple featured on Phil Donahue Show
  • Revised the checklist for caregivers to use when a baby dies
  • Wrote a policy on burial for miscarried babies
  • Developed a list of parents willing to help other parents (local and national listings)
  • Began assisting parents in planning burial and memorial services
  • Received Citation Award from Catholic Health Association (CHA) at Boston CHA Assembly
  • Held first parent training session for peer support and hospital visitation
  • Produced “Reaching Out to the Bereaved,” a slide presentation
  • Began working with First Foto to create an acceptable consent/release form
  • Published Thumpy’s Story, a children’s bereavement book edited by Nancy Dodge
  • Began working more extensively with bereaved siblings
  • Assisted and encouraged Tom Zerbel, a funeral director, in the development of burial cradles
  • Published Thumpy’s Story in Spanish
  • Signing of Illinois proclamation declaring October as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month
  • Began International presentations
  • Developed Certificate of Life for miscarried babies
  • Relocated the National Share Office to Belleville, Illinois
  • Published the book Bittersweet…Hellogoodbye, a resource manual for planning farewell rituals when a baby dies
  • Changed organization name from S.H.A.R.E (Source of Help for Airing & Resolving Experience) to Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc.
  • Worked with national leaders in creating Rights of Parents When a Baby Dies and Rights of the Baby
  • Relocated the National Share Office to the campus of Joseph Health Center (who agreed to provide in-kind services) in St. Charles, Missouri
  • Became an independent, not-for-profit organization and Cathi Lammert, RN, assumed Executive Director position
  • Began receiving grants from national foundations to fund the Share newsletter, outreach and education
  • Hosted a perinatal bereavement team of professionals from England
  • Became a member of the National Coalition for Positive Outcome in Pregnancy
  • Acted as consultant for Remembrance of the Innocents Memorial Wall in Wisconsin
  • Acted as a consultant for the documentary “Miscarriage, No Time to Cry,” produced by Silver Media of Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Served as a consultant for First Foto in the updating of their Infant Bereavement Photography Program
  • Published first edition of “Caring Notes,” a newsletter for Share caregivers
  • Offered training sessions for Share caregivers
  • Testified before the FDA in support of their continued approval of the use of home uterine activity monitors
  • Met with Stanley Zinberg, Director of Practice Activities, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and explained the mission and activities of Share
  • Chosen by The Christmas Box Foundation as one of the three organizations to receive funds
  • Installed a national (800) number
  • Angelic Presence edited by Sue Frideck and Cathi Lammert
  • Consulted with Paraclete Video to produce the videos “Footprints on Our Hearts” for bereaved parents, and “At a Loss for Words,” for family and friends
  • Celebrated Share’s Twentieth Anniversary in Louis at Share’s Perinatal Loss Conference
  • Dedicated the Angel of Hope Monument on October 18th
  • Served as consultant and Speaker for 11th Perinatal Loss Conference in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Served as advisor to SIDS training committee exploring other infant deaths
  • Worked with national leaders to develop an advisory team for the bi-annual National Perinatal Bereavement Conference
  • Established website with message board and chat room
  • Testified at a Massachusetts Department of Public Health hearing in response to a violation of a couples’ rights following the death of their baby at 14 weeks gestation
  • Developed a catalog of perinatal bereavement books and videos
  • Served as a consultant and speaker for the 12th Perinatal Loss Conference held in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Served as a consultant for Growing Family/First Foto in the updating of their Infant Bereavement Photography Program
  • Published “Rights of Parents Who Experienced an Early Loss,” compiled by Perry-Lynn Moffitt, author of A SILENT SORROW
  • Interviewed for a broadcast on National Public Radio (NPR)
  • Interviewed for Lutheran Hour Ministries Program, “On Main Street,” and for print articles in SELF Magazine, regarding the death of a baby
  • Interviewed by the Chicago Tribune and Catholic News Service on the issue of early loss disposition rights
  • Called to testify before Illinois House of Representatives Human Services Committee on HB 382, a bill to amend the disposition of remains law to give parents the option of burying their miscarried babies of less than 20 weeks gestation
  • Invited to participate in a workshop on stillbirth research at the National Institute of Health
  • Participated at Missouri Statewide Infant Mortality Summit
  • Advocated for a national proclamation declaring October 15th Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day
  • Expanded National Share website
  • Coordinated Perinatal Loss Alliance Meeting
  • Served as a consultant and speaker at the 13th Perinatal Bereavement Conference in Austin, Texas
  • Hosted the First Annual Share National Walk to Remember in Louis, Missouri
  • Celebrated Share’s 25th Anniversary with the First Annual Angel Ball
  • Developed local Share Companions Program
  • Cathi Lammert became Co-President of the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Alliance (PLIDA)
  • Interviewed for Lutheran Hour Ministries Program, a nationally syndicated program on pregnancy loss and infertility
  • Served as a consultant and coordinator for the 14th Perinatal Bereavement Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Interviewed for CBS Morning Show regarding perinatal loss
  • Invited to participate in the Stillbirth Research Roundtable in Bethesda, Maryland
  • Acted as a consultant and advocate for local Missouri legislators when passing legislation for a certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth and disposition rights
  • Expanded resource catalog
  • Expanded the Share Walk to Remember to 15 cities
  • Changed logo wording to use Share, not SHARE and added a tagline, “touching lives… healing hearts… giving hope”
  • Chosen to host an American Girl Fashion Show
  • Updated and expanded Share website
  • Received large grant from the Gidwitz Foundation to educate chaplains nationwide on the needs of bereaved parents
  • Moderated nationwide telecast with National Head Start
  • Dedicated the Cardinals Care Walkway expanding the Angel of Hope brick way at Ben Rau Memorial Garden in Charles, Missouri
  • Asked to be moderator and consultant for a series of perinatal loss bereavement videos with DIA Learning in Louis, Missouri
  • Share Program Directors attended Association of Professional Chaplain convention in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Changed the name of Share Walk to Share Walk for Remembrance and Hope
  • Interviewed by local San Francisco CBS Radio Affiliate
  • Produced two videos with DIA Learning and Louis Children’s Hospital; “Grieving in the NICU; Mending Broken Hearts When a Baby Dies” and “Support Families When a Baby Dies”
  • Rose Carlson, Share Program Director, publishes When Pregnancy Ends in Miscarriage, for Liguorian Magazine
  • Celebrated 30th Share Anniversary at Voices of Hope Retreat at the Louis Airport Crowne Plaza
  • Cathi Lammert, RN, retires as Executive Director and moves into advisory role
  • Susan Pundmann is hired by National Share Board of Directors
  • Susan Pundmann moves into new endeavors and Cathi Lammert, RN, returns as Executive Director
  • Updated and published the 6th Edition of Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Share Program
  • Spanish translations of Share’s informational pamphlets are completed by volunteers, Kristi Moran, Silvia Torres, and Kevin Grawer
  • Published Somewhere Out There, a journal created by Brandy Antonio and Shannon Olson, for children experiencing grief after the death of a baby, using funds awarded from the Louis Baseball Cardinals Care Organization
  • Began online fundraising through com for the Share Walk for Remembrance and Hope and the General Appeal
  • Created a new PR Kit aimed to increase awareness of Share
  • Cathi Lammert, RN, elected Vice President of the Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance (PLIDA)
  • Updated and expanded Share website to
  • Published two new booklets for bereaved families: “Grieving, Healing and Finding Hope After the Death of Your Baby” and “Grieving, Healing and Finding Hope After an Early Pregnancy Loss”
  • Published new brochure titled Understanding Your Grief Process
  • Donated books to grieving children in Louis metro area hospitals using funds awarded from the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals Care Organization
  • The bi-monthly Sharing newsletter transitioned into an online e-magazine format
  • Share’s Perinatal Bereavement Resource Catalog is updated and expanded
  • Grieving in the NICU: Mending Broken Hearts When a Baby Dies, a DVD Share produced with DIA Learning and Louis Children’s Hospital, is a top finalist for the nationally acclaimed Freddie Award
  • Published We Hold You in Our Hearts, a memory book for bereaved parents
  • Created Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Facebook page and two group pages: National Share Office and Share Caregiver Network
  • Updated and published the 3rd Edition of Bittersweet…Hellogoodbye
  • Published Heart Art, created by Program Director Rose Carlson, to be included in the art therapy kits given to grieving children, utilizing funds awarded from the Louis Baseball Cardinals Care Organization
  • Cathi Lammert elected President of the Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance (PLIDA)
  • Share’s official name and logo featured in The Other Woman, a movie directed by Don Roos, based on the novel, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits written by Ayelet Case includes Natalie Portman, Scott Cohen and Lisa Kudrow.
  • National Share Office Facebook group page divided into two closed peer support groups; Share Bereaved Parent Peer Support and Share Subsequent Pregnancy Peer
  • Cathi Lammert collaborates with international perinatal loss professionals, organizations and parent advocates to create the Seeing & Holding Position Statement, which will be used for professionals supporting families experiencing a stillbirth
  • Created National Share board on Pinterest
  • Improved and expanded materials offered through online catalog, including Lactation After Loss, an informational brochure written by Carol McMurrich and Tanya Lieberman, coordinators of the Empty Arms/Share chapter in Westhampton,
  • Rose Carlson, Share Program Director, wrote Helping Families Create Keepsakes When a Baby Dies, which was published in April 2012 edition of the International Journal of Childbirth
  • Conducted Sharing & Caring Perinatal Loss Seminar and additional workshops in Miami,
  • Updated and expanded Share website
  • Cathi Lammert, RN, retires and moves into Education Coordinator role
  • Debbie Cochran, BSN, MA, is hired as Executive Director by Share board of directors
  • Rose Carlson, Share Program Director, elected to PLIDA board of directors
  • Added new features to the national Share Walk for Remembrance and Hope: Creation Station activity center for bereaved children and Garden of Hope memorial signs
  • Hired coordinator to expand the Share Companion Program into Louis metropolitan area hospitals
  • Hosted the first-ever October 15th Light of Hope event at the National Share Office
  • Share welcomes new board member Christopher Roberdeau
  • Joined the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA)
  • Attended the MHA conference in Lake of the Ozarks as an exhibitor and presenter
  • Produced video of Share parents, grandparents and board members promoting the Share organization
  • Launched a Crowdfunding Campaign for funding for perinatal education video series
  • Hosted the first-ever Elected Officials event for Missouri government officials
  • Executive Director, Debbie Cochran, was interviewed on STL-TV LIVE in March and completed several radio interviews
  • Share welcomes new board members: Melanie Horton, Katie Johnson , CFP , Michelle Foster & Casey Orellana
  • Share receives grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health and began a three-year program called Awareness and Access to Perinatal Bereavement Care (AAPBC), enabling Share to train professionals who care for bereaved families around the state of Missouri free of charge.
  • Produced videos of Sharing and Caring training workshops
  • Created new and updated Share website
  • Updated Share logo
  • Launched Espanol: Esperanza, a Share program for spanish-speaking families
  • Updated and translated informational brochures into Spanish
  • Hosted first Grandparent’s Day event for bereaved grandparents