Sr Jane2Sister Jane Marie Lamb, OSF
Share Founder

In the fall of 1977, Sister Jane Marie Lamb, OSF and other hospital staff members began Share due to the insistent urging of one bereaved young family at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois  Within four months, the first support group met and Share continued to grow under Sister’s leadership and endless dedication. Glen Davidson PhD, Professor at SIU Springfield School of Medicine was also very instrumental in helping Sister Jane Marie change the way that perinatal grief was handled within the hospital community.

When Cathi Lammert, Share’s previous Executive Director, visited Sister Jane Marie Lamb days after her diagnosis of terminal cancer, Sister Jane Marie expressed about Share’s growth “It was beyond my wildest dreams that this could happen!” She told Cathi that “her life was so full and blessed due to the ministry of Share and the other work she had been involved with. She was grateful to have met so many wonderful people and she was appreciative of all the people who carried on the work of caring for the bereaved parents.”

Share continues to live in Sister Jane Marie’s legacy and provide support for bereaved families in their darkest times. With over 100 Chapters nationwide, Sister Jane Marie is truly an inspiration within the Share and bereavement communities.