Dear Hadley

By: Leslie Steele Dear Hadley, It’s been 19 months. 19 months ago we got to meet you and be amazed by you. We always knew you were special, incredible really, but meeting you just confirmed it. Daddy and I switch off between imagining you as you would be here at

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To Our Glories

By: Justine Brooks Froelker   The darkness left behind by the loss of you can feel as if the breath, the very essence of who we once were and who we wanted to be, has been taken from us.   Some days the darkness so heavy it can be difficult to

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Autumn's Story

Autumn’s Story

By: Kelsey Bell “It’s a girl!” Those three words were music to our ears. After having two perfectly healthy boys, we were more than ready to welcome a daughter into our family. I instantly began picturing what it would soon be like to have someone at home that I could

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