my dearest dolly

My Dearest Dolly

By: Heather West My dearest Dolly, How do I put into words the many ways you changed my life? There is so much I want to say to you, but I was not granted with the blessing of telling you in person. Instead I am forced to unwillingly put on

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Dear Hadley

By: Leslie Steele Dear Hadley, It’s been 19 months. 19 months ago we got to meet you and be amazed by you. We always knew you were special, incredible really, but meeting you just confirmed it. Daddy and I switch off between imagining you as you would be here at

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By: Mary Farr A Reason to Hope I said to the night that stood at the gate of the new year, “Give me a light that I might tread safely into the dark and unknown.” And a voice said in reply, “Put your hand into the hand of the one

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Grandfather's Grief

A Grandfather’s Grief

By: Bob Jerden, grandfather to Joshua Ryan Bruenning Our first grandson was born on Good Friday, April 21, 2000, about two months premature. We got the phone call early in the morning from our daughter, Jenny, and son-in-law, Kurt, to meet them at the hospital. Our ride was quick and

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Returning To Work After Loss

By: Marissa Steinhoff My world had stopped, completely shut off for 8 full weeks.  I would sit in my house, avoiding the outside world and the looks of despair from others.  My home was the place I felt most comfortable, most human.  I knew that inside the walls of my

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