Rainbow Baby

Our Rainbow Baby

By: Jean Mecke On this day, a year ago, my heart was shattered. I was told I needed immediate surgery because I had lost the precious babies I had been carrying for almost a full trimester. Those babies were wanted, and they were loved. It’s amazing how much of a

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Is This Your First?

By Maria Paredes, PhD, LPCS   Brave Momma,   The one in prenatal yoga tonight with a 12 week flat belly. Your first time coming. I see you.   I started going to the classes around the same time during my 3rd and 4th pregnancies. 11 or 12 weeks pregnant.

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365 Days Post Exhalation

By: Nora Lafata Three weeks ago I Googled “Rainbow Birthday Party.” Streamers. Polka dots. Lollipops. Cakes and cupcakes and salsa and food coloring, and lots and lots of chevron. I realize none of that is what’s important. Still as we sang to him, I couldn’t help but notice the reds

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