Dear Friends with Debbie Cochran: July 2017 Edition

By: Debbie Cochran

Welcome to July—we have much to celebrate!  Of course we hope that across the country families can have the opportunity to spend special time together enjoying summer and celebrating our nation’s birthday.  At the National Share Office we are also celebrating another birthday of sorts- the launch of our online Sharing Magazine!

While seemingly uneventful, since we have had a printed magazine for many years, this transition is a result of hard work and effort by staff and others.  It is our commitment to providing our families and caregivers with articles and information helpful in navigating the grieving process and always pointing towards hope and healing.  This new online format will allow for enhanced access to, interaction with, as well as ease in retrieval and searchabilty of our content for years to come.

We encourage you to engage and share what is helpful to you and your family.  We invite you to participate with us by not only reading but perhaps in sharing your story.  It is our stories that connect us and allow us to care for and support one another.  By sharing, you are helping another family with a similar experience, you may never even meet.

We feel strongly this format will magnify our core strengths by furthering the reach of our healing community; many people, many places, many stories bonding and supporting one another through a tragic life experience no one expected or planned for.

Thank you for joining with us.  As in every season, you are in our thoughts.  We are honored and privileged to walk with you on your journey and pledge to do all we can to help you on your path to healing.

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Dear Friends with Debbie Cochran


Debbie Cochran



Debbie Cochran, RN
Executive Director



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    Michelle N Foster says

    Yes! Congrats on the new online mag, guys! It looks fab.

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