cb1I will tell the story of Chase Kyle Foster forever. Not many people had the opportunity to meet him, but I promise you…he was extraordinary. He was our first born. When he entered this world, the doctor made a comment that he was trying to cry. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense. He lived for exactly one month – and in his month here with us, I would describe him as passionate. He was strong. He was exceptional.

He was the first baby each of us held – me, five days after he was born; Nate, a little over a week. It was an amazing, overwhelming and terrifying experience holding a little pound-and-a-half baby. He was also the first diaper I changed. It took seven minutes.

His passion was evident from moment one. I was quite out of it from the emergency C-section and all of the medications I was on, but I will forever remember the moment when they wheeled him into my room so I could see him before he went off to Cardinal Glennon. He gripped my finger with such surprising strength. He spent his first five days off the ventilator – a miraculous feat for a 24 week, 1 day old twin boy. His voice was the first I heard; a tiny little squeak that was like the best sound you could ever hear and would be desperate to hear again and again. When he cried, he cried hard. It showed me that he was going to be a force to be reckoned with.

michelle-chase-fosterAnd he was so strong. We could not be more proud of him. It is important to us that everyone knows he was strong and determined to fight for his mommy and daddy to the very last second despite the overwhelming odds against him. He was given a challenge that would be difficult for anyone, let alone a two-pounder, to overcome.

The amount of love you can feel for your child is immeasurable. Thirty minutes, 30 days, 30 years, 30 lifetimes – it doesn’t matter. We are blessed to have gotten to spend even one minute with our beautiful miracle.

I am a member of the Board of Directors for Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support and I am using this opportunity to honor the little boy that made me a mother and raise money for a great cause. Share provides support to families who have a lost a baby during pregnancy, through stillbirth or during the first few months of life. I have learned that there are many mothers who have lost a baby. The statistics are heartbreaking. But Share helps families heal – something that every single bereaved parent longs for.

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