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Reflections of Share

By: Laura Curran In the summer of 1990, I had never even heard of Share or its mission. Yet, by the autumn of the same year, I could not have imagined how drastically our lives would change and how important Share would become to my husband Kevin and me. Pregnancy

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Share History

  This timeline includes highlights of Share’s history from 1976 to 2016. 1976 Established an AMEND (Aiding Mothers and Fathers Experiencing Neonatal Death) chapter in Decatur, IL after meeting with St. Louis AMEND organization 1977 Began Share group at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois Began providing education on perinatal loss

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Helping Others Help You Through Loss

By: Molly Hickey Sipping coffee and sitting across from a long time friend, we talked about the weather, her kids, our jobs, and husbands. With each break in the conversation, I hoped she would ask about Joseph and Grace. I hoped she’d ask about how I am navigating the grieving process, ask how it felt to be

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Empty Spaces

By: Ginny Limer These dark, empty spaces are haunting, yet beautiful as it is here that we are most open to finding the light within the darkness, our passions within the pain. This empty space represents your endless pain, your broken heart, your deepest despair, and broken soul, yet this

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Footprints Blog Tour A Pregnancy Loss Story Posted on September 15, 2016 | 5 Comments I am dedicating this post to Share’s Walk of Remembrance ( and the Wave of Light ( in support of infertility and pregnancy loss and shattering the stigma. I would personally like to thank Justine Froelker, author, advocate, and blogger at Ever Upward, for

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Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness: Blog Tour

Share advocate, Justine Froelker is leading a blog tour for Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. Incredible group of 15 brave women share their stories. Check out the first blog post here: #ShareWalk2016, #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness  #WaveofLight, #ShattertheStigma

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