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Life After Death

This entry was written and submitted by Ginny Limer. Poets like Thereau, authors like Stephenie Meyers, and artists like Van Gogh once filled my world with inspiration, color, and entertainment, until the death of our child turned that world upside down. I saw no color. Neither heard nor read words that

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Anticipating Father’s Day

By: Mike Boresi  My wife and I lost Corynn on May 1st of 2007, six days prior to her due date. She was born into Heaven the following day. We checked into the hospital giddy with anticipation just hours after my wife heard Corynn’s heartbeat at the doctor’s office. Our world

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Honoring Your Parenthood

Honoring Your Parenthood By: Rose Carlson, Program Director, National Share Office I had my fourth miscarriage in April 1993; it rocked me to my core and brought me to my knees. That loss, more so than the previous three, left my heart completely shattered, and my hope, well, gone. Gone

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I Do It For You, My Love

I Do it For You, My Love By: Deborah Umali  Dear Charlie*, Although last week was nothing but dreary skies and on and off rain, it was officially Spring Break for us Texans. With spring comes holidays that never made me think twice before. Now, I can’t even fathom Easter,

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Becoming A Gift

Becoming A Gift

By: Justine Brooks Froelker   Sitting over tea in a dimly lit coffee shop she asks, “How often do you think of them?”   I shift my eyes to notice how many moms and babies are in the bustling shop. “Every day,” I respond.   “How?” she asks.   “I

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Celebrating Through Grief

Celebrating Through Grief

By: Ginny Limer Celebrations are lighthearted, joy-filled, carefree occasions where smiles are shining, the energy is booming, rooms are full of contented people gathered together, hugging and laughing…but your heart is heavy.  Your joy is gone.  Your cares are not free.  Your smile and energy have faded.  Hugs and laughter

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The Morning After Mother’s Day

The Morning After Mother’s Day By: Jennifer Massoni Pardini The morning after Mother’s Day was harder than Mother’s Day itself . That’s a surprise. Maybe that’s because Mother’s Day itself was a Sunday. That means Ryan was home, and we took Ruby out for some tennis balls in the backyard,

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