What do I do with my Love: Creating Keepsakes When a Baby Dies

What do I do with my Love: Creating Keepsakes When a Baby Dies

In this course, Rose Carlson, Share’s Program Director, will:

Examine the importance of allowing parents to spend quality time creating mementos and keepsakes with their baby.

Identify the things caregivers can do at the time of the loss to help families create unique and meaningful mementos.

Discuss ways to empower parents in memory making rituals that are truly their own.

Present memory making ideas for those who experience an early pregnancy loss.

Give you ideas for what type of event to host based on the needs of the families you serve.

There are two price options to choose from.

For $100, in addition to the course you will receive a canvas Share tote bag containing the following items that will assist you in creating mementos and events for your families: One copy each of the books Bittersweet…hellogoodbye: A resource in planning farewell rituals when a baby dies, Creating Keepsakes: A guide for helping families create cherished mementos and rituals when a baby dies, 25 of each of the following informational brochures: Creating Keepsakes when a Baby Dies and Special Days, 10 parent keepsakes quote cards with ribbon and charm, 8 Recognition of Life certificates, 2 Hugged with our Hearts  (memory book for those who experience early pregnancy loss) and 2 We Hold you in our Hearts (memory book for those experiencing a later loss).

If you do not wish to receive the tote bag of memory making supplies, the course is $40.