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Resources for those who provide care or support to families grieving the loss of a baby

Caregiver Resources

Having a solid bereavement program in place is the first step to properly serving bereaved families. Share provides training, resource materials, assistance with maintaining a program and so much more.

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Learn more about the research and evidence-based practices of Share's Rights of Parents.

 Rights of Parents When a Baby Dies



How to Host a Memorial Event

Special rituals and ceremonies can be so very important to bereaved families who often long to honor the baby after his or her death. Hosting remembrance events during meaningful times of the year provides a way for you to ensure families are able to strengthen the connection they will always feel to their baby.

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We have hundreds of items to help those who are grieving including brochures, booklets, book, journals and keepsakes.


While our family members were wonderful sources of love and encouragement following our loss, only Share offered us a common bond of support. Share has given us a positive outlet for our grief and we are eternally  grateful.

Laura Curran

What an empowering revelation... There are others out there who know!  Share welcomed me into it's arms, took me by the hand and led me to other moms who understood what I was feeling. They understood because they were feeling it too. Strangers we were, but it felt as though we had been friends forever.

Krista McInerney

Start a Share Chapter

If you are interested in starting a new Share Chapter, the most important requirement is the desire and commitment to helping families who have suffered the devastating death of a baby, at any stage of pregnancy or early infancy. If you have suffered such a loss yourself, Share does require that it has been at least 18 months since your loss before you begin the process of starting your group. Please contact Rose Carlson or call 1-800-821-6819 to obtain an application packet and discuss your desire to start a group.