How to Start a Share Chapter

The Application Process

If you are interested in starting a new Share Chapter, the most important requirement is the desire and commitment to helping families who have suffered the devastating death of a baby, at any stage of pregnancy or early infancy. If you have suffered such a loss yourself, Share requires that it has been at least 18 months since your loss before you begin the process of starting your group. Before starting your Chapter, please click here to see if we are already operating in your area. Please contact Rose Carlson, or call 1-800-821-6819 to obtain an application packet and discuss your desire to start a group.

Each Chapter is independent and responsible for its own programs, referral agency relationships, volunteers and making community connections. The National Share Office located in St. Peters, MO provides support to our Chapter network. Starting a Share Chapter is a rewarding experience but also a serious endeavor.  You would become a valued member of a nationally renowned non-profit organization, gaining access to a wide variety of resources, expertise and support from Share Chapters around the United States.

Joining Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support means becoming aligned with a well-respected non-profit that for more than 40 years has established an excellent reputation among the community we serve.

The Benefits to Being Part of the Share Network

  1. Credibility and recognition as a Share affiliate
  2. Support and mentoring from the National Share Office
  3. A 20% discount on the purchase of Share brochures, booklets and other bereavement materials
  4. Online Share support resources.
  5. Start Up Kit of Share materials
  6. Access to the Share Chapter Leader closed Facebook group
  7. Upon your paid annual renewal fee, a hospital chapter will receive a kit of materials and free advanced training course and a community chapter will choose between the two.
  8. Established policies and procedures for your bereavement program

Requirements and Responsibilities of Share Chapters

As a new Share Chapter leader, you will need to complete the online Sharing and Caring Training Workshop sometime within 60 days after forming your Share Chapter and prior to your first support group meeting. You will have access to—and can benefit from—materials, best practices and programs that have proven to be successful.

Chapter Start-Up Fees

Once your application is reviewed and accepted by the Share staff, you will be sent an invoice for your start-up fee as follows:

Independent group: $350*

Hospital / Organization based group $350*

* Start-up fee includes the fee for Sharing and Caring Training Workshop and start-up kit.

Once you are established as a Share Chapter, you will also pay yearly fees invoiced in July as follows:

Independent group: $100

Hospital/Organization based group: $300