Training & Education

Share provides several opportunities for comprehensive perinatal bereavement care training for caregivers, healthcare professionals, bereaved families, and Share Chapter leaders.

Perinatal loss is one of the most devastating events a family can experience. Bereaved parents never forget the warmth, comfort, love and understanding they received from their caregiver.

What are the benefits of a Share education?


    • Provides insight into the unique needs of families grieving the death of a baby at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or early infancy
    • Provides education that enables caregivers to feel comfortable providing immediate care in a hospital or other health care setting to families experiencing the trauma of their baby's death
    • Gives insight into ways caregivers can support the entire family unit's health and well-being
    • Prepares those who work with bereaved families to continue their care via support groups, online forums, memorial events and other activities in the months and years following their loss
    • Empowers care providers to understand and advocate for the Rights of Parents, Baby, and Siblings at the time of the loss and beyond


Sharing & Caring

This is a comprehensive, online workshop designed for caregivers working with families during the loss of their baby or anyone who wants to start a support group or a Share Chapter.

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Memory Making

This workshop focuses on meaningful ways to honor the short life of a baby who died and the crucial role memory making plays in helping families heal.

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Caring Companion

This workshop is intended for bereaved parents or grandparents who wish to work with newly bereaved parents in a peer Companion role.


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Online Opportunities

Looking for additional topics beyond Sharing and Caring? Check out our online, Ongoing Bereavement Training opportunities.

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Reach out to our training team. We are here to help you find the education that is right for you and your goals.

Power of Presence

This two hour training, is designed to enhance overall understanding of perinatal bereavement and the impact of loss on families.


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Want Share to come to you? We travel.

If you are interested in having Share present a training to your hospital, medical office or community organization, please contact Patti Budnik,