April 2017 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost and those who serve at Share. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

Madeline Antonio

By: Mary Ellen Antonio

John McKinley Barr

By: Katherine McKinley

“In memory of our own sweet angel.”

Makenna Marie Barron

By: Victoria Barron

“In memory of our precious angel. Your family loves you so very much.”

Rachel Begley

By: Jennifer Begley

Silas Bernard

By: Monica Uhlmansiek

Malikah Kay Bethmann By: Elaine Bethmann “Great Granddaughter born 12-6-16”

Corynn Boresi

By: Stephen and Barbara Smith “You and Corynn are always in our thoughts and prayers”

Mira Nicole and Sadie Kayla Brown
By: Amy and Kevin Brown “Mommy and Daddy love you and miss you both so much.  Hard to believe it will be 12 years in March.”

Angelique Valdivia-Castillo

By: Maria Castillo”Baby Angelique, Mommy, Daddy, Jade and little sister Jessa Love you and miss you everyday!”

Emma Cloherty

By: Maureen Moran

Garrett Coleman

By: Bridget Reeves

Nicholas John Coming

By: Michelle Coming

Jess C. Cooper IV

By: Shawn Dennis”Forever remembered & always loved.”

Emery Olivia Croson

By: Ryan Croson

“Merry Christmas, Emery. We miss you. Love always, Cousin Owen, Aunt Meg, and Uncle Ryan”

Delaney Grace Cuculich

By: Jennifer Wambach”Remembering our beloved daughter during this special holiday season. We miss her every day.  Jennifer, Phillip, Bennett, Reid and Grant Cuculich”

Brennen  Aren Dae

By: James Petzel

Carley Jean Dennis

By: Doris Bridegan”Have fun celebrating Jesus birthday with Jesus! Love you always- Mawmaw and Pawpaw”

Michael Dennis

By: Jeanna O’Leary

By: Dan Cross

By: Aimee Dennis

By: Mark Hiller”Dennis family, we are so sorry for your loss. – Mark Hiller, Mindy West & Naomi McDonald”

By: Rita Esses

“Thinking of you”

By: Charles and Mary McLaughlin

Benjamin Devos

By: Rosalie Maimone & Craig Medwick

Simone Payton Dodd

By: Lauren Long

“Merry Christmas, Simone. You’re always in our hearts!  Love, Lauren, Ryan, Fiona, Sawyer, Grammy & Pop-O”

Eroll Dory

By: Douglas A Gansler

Angel O’Minee Elliott

By: Taryn Foster

Chase Ryan Elmendorf

By: Carol Elmendorf

Baby Boy Fahey

By: Lisa & Jason Fahey

Alaina Farhatt

By: Jen HarutunianShannon Farrell

By: Angie Farrell

Stephen J. Farrow

By: Kathryn Farrow

Lysie Helen Fishman By: Cynthia Layton

Baby Boy Fogarty By: Jessica Fogarty

Patrick James Gannon By: Cindy Gannon

Aidan Robert Gard

By: Nadia and Robert Gard

Benjamin Gelsthorpe

By: Cynthia Gelsthorpe

Travis Wesley Glennon: Touchdowns for Travis By: Rob Bruner

By: Bruce & Linda Scheller

By: David Duer

By: Jim Hanna

By: Daniel Sailler

By: Joe Jung

By: Mark Fohlmeister

By: Lance and Kimberly Brendel

Remi Isabella Goebel By: Kecia Therion

Jack Andrew Granger II

By: Isma Granger

Lucy Graveman

By: Catherine Lammert

Claire Conroy Guckes

By: Sarah Guckes

Mason Harris

By: Denise Harris Grandson

Nathan Edward Haney

By: Julie Counterman

“I try to imagine your beautiful smile, your  soft words and your playful, warm heart- what an amazing gift you were to this family.  Rest in peace Nathan.”

Andrew Hewitt

By: Linda Hewitt

Dalton Howell

By: Beth Lazenby

Nicholas Huggins

By: Margie Huggins

Hayden & Isabel

By: Nick & Amanda Kleoppel

William Francis Kerr By: Wanda Ruzicka

Carter Kintz

By: Candice Hertlein

Gabrielle C. Kirchoff

By: Christine Kirchoff

Hunter Kraft

By: Heather Preston

Joshua Lee Krnotch By: Michelle Clark

Josephine LaFata By: Kevin Fogarty

Madison Grace LaGreca

By: Jane LaGreca

Lauren and Emma Lambert

By: Susan Smith

Christopher Lammert By: Lisa Cosher

Caleb J. Leible

By: Stacey Leible “Donation money from light show.  Merry Christmas to our sweet baby boy. We hope we made your proud with the light show!!! Love, Mommy, Daddy and Hayley”

By: Joan Heldorfer

Jack Steven Lueckert By: Katie Lueckert

By: Jackie Lueckert

Caroline Grace Maner, Christina Rose Maner, Aaron Maner

By: Charles Maner

Octavia & Abigail Mangrum

By: Chris Roedel

Joseph Michael Margherio
By: Mike Margherio

Wesley and Matthew

By: Michael Bielamowicz

Brianna Marie McGreal

By: Michael McGreal

“We love you our little angel!”

Braxson Amar Monroe

By: Denisha Hudgins

Kara Murphy

By: Peter Murphy

Colton Christopher Natsch

By: Jackie Natsch

Marley Caroline Neville

By: Teresa Andre

By: Roy Burch

Paige Newberet

By: Cheryl Fauquher

Robert Cole Norris

By: Jennifer Barbic”Remembering an angel.”

Holt Maddox McEwen Norsworthy

By: Nancy McEwen

Theodore Noah Okeson

By: Victoria Okeson

David & Allison O’Leary

By: Donna Wilke

Kaedyn Roshni Patel By: Gail Costigan

“For an angel always missed.”

Ashlyn Danielle Plant

By: Christopher and Teresa Tate

Jake Pliske

By: Sue Pliske

Angelique & Michael Jr. Price

By: Erika Becker Price

Amanda Nicole Rasmussen

By: Carma Rasmussen

Amy Noel Rathsam

By: Sharon Rathsam

Joshua Mirkay Redington

By: Michael Redington

Oliver Roberts

By: Kate Jones “Always in our hearts and minds. We love our little Oliver.”

Steffen Roth

By: Diana Cheshire

“Your son, our grandson”

Cameron, Conner, and Jordan Schneider

By: Beth Schneider

Paige Schuessler

By: Jim Schuessler “As a gift to Caleb for Christmas”

Timothy J. Sheehan

By: Sophia Tilelli

By: Pamela Thompson

Chantal Luc Shirley

By: Francoise Shirley

Scott Shulman

By: Jeanne Shulman

Shelby Smith

By: Alicia Smith

Caroline Claire Stachula

By: Debbie Toney

“Jenn: My thoughts, prayers, and heart are with you, Jim, Nate, Sophie and Angel Caroline Claire.”

Andrew J. Stege By: Patricia Pallardy “We Love You and miss you always.  MoMo & PaPa”

Janet Sugarman

By: Jack Sugarman

Jonah Michael Tannehill

By: Johna Van Pelt “Merry Christmas! You’re always with us.”

Finn Thilenius

By: Sheryl & Rusty Walker “In Loving Memory of Finn Thilenius.”

Malachi and Eliza Unrue

By: April Coleman

“You will never be forgotten.  You both will live in our hearts forever.  We love you dearly, and long to be with you in eternity.”

Hunter Charles Webb

By: Betsy Webb

By: Larry Butterfield

Noah Michael Wehnes By: Robert and Diane Morgan

By: Francis Ryck

By: Martin Helmke

By: Nancy & Jack DeVilder, Heather & Sam Cox, and Kelly & Nick DeVilder

By: Frank Breitenstein

Clayton Welsch

By: Sheldon Wettack

Kaiden and Kennedy Wengler By: Carol Drummond, Florence Survant and Charlene Lewis

Chris Westoff

By: David and Kimberly Westoff

Baby Jacob Young

By: Kathy Herget

Matthew & Claire Zupnik

By: Erika Scibelli

Samuel Zurbach

By: Jean Auffarth

All the little ones

By: Lee Rigg

Baby A & Baby B

By: Brian Johnson”Happy Birthday Baby A and Baby B…”

Baby MoMo

By: Heidi Osmundsen “We are so sorry for your loss. Hoping you can find peace soon and trust that God has a plan for everything.  Love, Heidi, Matt & Alice”

Caroline Grace

By: Greta Frazier

Lump of Love, Gabriel

By: Anthony Chavez

Our Lost Baby

By: Rachel M. Berlin


By: Susan Craft

“Much love to our little angel”

Scarlett and Vivian

By: Clydene Forbush

By: Nancy Rauch “A pregnancy begun in joy and ended in sadness.  Know we think of you, your family and your precious baby in Jesus’ arms – Bill & Nancy.”

In Tribute To:

The Dolan Family

By: Jessi Clark”We’re thinking of you all during this tough time.  Love, The Clarks”

Katie Johnson & Family

By: Gerri Kostecki

Bob & Beth Taraba & Family

By: Joan Brauer

Kate & Tony Cunningham

By: Debra Rosenberg &

Joe Boyd

“We hope making a gift in your names to help others face P.A.I.L will bring you some comfort. Love, Aunt Debra & Uncle Joe”

Laura White

By: Micah Lacher

Darryl Kessler

By: Larry Butterfield

Thank You for Your Gifts!

Friends of Share 

Debra Asplund

Rudy Beck

Michael Bowlan

Patti Budnik

Elizabeth Butin

Nicole Cancellaro

Teresa Clauss

Debbie Cochran

Glenn Coker

Mike Cole

Charles Corr

Patricia Couture

Stephanie Daniel

Raymond D’Auria

Patricia Derhake

Alma Diaz

Heather Dorsey

Sondra Dyer

Cherie Erickson

Mark Fuller

Crystal Gatewood

Mark & Ronda & Jackson Gelsthorpe

Dianna Glowczwskie

Nicole Gonzalez

Brenda Hampton

Sara Higgins

Karen Jackson

Linda Jenkins

Sarah Johnson

Tom Kiefer

Eunice Klaas

Michelle Kraus

Andrea Kroll

Jane Krug

Linda Laferriere

Daniel Lafleur

Hospital Sisters of St. Francis

Sarah Lawrenz

Virginia Martin

Rachel Mehaffey

Sandra Miller

Tammy Olson

Christine Painchaud

Laurie Peacock

Susan Petzel

Anna Raho

Melissa Redington

David J. Reinhart

Stefanie Robbins

Chris Roberdeau

Megan Rowekamp

Scott Rutledge

Emily Sill

Don Suftko

Shiraz Sunderji, MD

Andrew Tanis

Michael and Julie Thomas

Heather Watson

Benjamin Westerman

Pamela Wilkerson

Dan & Lauren Williams

Richard Zuch


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