August 2017 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Loving Memory Of:

Charles Benjamin Baker    

By:            Mr and Mrs Robert Anderson

By:            Mike Brady


May the sorrow you feel lightened over time by the love that surrounds you from your family and friends.  Words can’t express our feelings. Please know we love you both and are holding you in our prayers and thoughts.  Love,  The Bagley Family

By:            Renée Bagley


Ginny and Ben, Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. May you find peace and comfort.   We love you,  The Stafford Family

By:            Mary and Alex The Staffords


Please accept this donation on behalf of the Waters family in honor of baby Charlie.  The Bakers and Mothersheads are in our thoughts and prayers daily during this very sad and difficult time.

By:            Caroline Waters


Andrew D’Auria   

By:            Raymond D’Auria


Eliza Taylor Duckworth                         

By:            Brooke Taylor


Maureen Dennis                    

By:            Dan Cross

By:            Aimee Dennis

By:            Patricia and Mark Leuchtmann


Now baby Carley has her Grandma and Grandpa in heaven.

By:            Mark Hiller, Mindy West & Naomi McDonald Team Hiller Real Estate


So sorry for your loss from the von Seelen family.

By:            Lesli Von Seelen


Theodore Dahm

By:            Angela Dahm


Angel O’Mine Elliott

By:            Taryn Foster


Matthew William Gwydir   

By:            Andra Gwydir


The Heath Babies

By:            Christa Heath


Carter Kintz

By:            Candice Hertlein


Hunter Kraft          

By:            Heather Preston


Tucker William Krodinger  

By:            FCS Financial


Jack Steven Lueckert           

By:            Jackie Lueckert


Colton Christopher Natsch 

By:            Charles & Joan Natsch


Luke Morrill

We love you!

By:            Jed Davis


Baby Pallay

In memory of our loved grandchild. You will always be in our hearts.

By:            Kristi Rimkus


Brody Michael Van Riessen

As another year passes by we remember our precious Brody!

By:            Jan Van Riessen


Charley Grimes Rowekamp                

By:            Paul and Carrie Barr


In loving memory of Charley on his 10th birthday.

By:            Paige Knutsen


Thinking of Charley, and all of you, always.

By:            Carrie Kujak


We think of your family often……

By:            Jonathan and Christel Kell


With love for the Rowekamp family as we remember and celebrate their darling son Charley.

By:            Katie Alexander


Charley Rowekamp & Jana Nelson  

Bonded through shared pain of infant death, forever memories, and the joy that follows with the birth of healthy siblings (and eventually grandchildren.)

By:            Ramona Nelson


Joshua Mirkay Redington                    

By:            Melissa Redington


Caroline Claire Stachula      

Sweet Caroline.

By:            Jaclyn Nikodym


Dr Lois Sugarman

By:            Charles and Susan Aycock

By:            David and Stark Zauber

By:            Delpha Camp

By:            Denise Cote- Arsenault

By:            Eleanor Demeglio

By:            Grace Bullen

By:            Jalah and Mary Louise Sadrieh

By:            John and Camille Mack

By:            Jon Maloff

By:            Lynn and Beverly Thompson

By:            Marilyn McLean

By:            Melvin and Karen Slotnick

By:            Patricia Coats

By:            Susan Doty

By:            Edwin and Pamela Ryan

By:            Frank Delia


In memory of a wonderfully brave and intelligent woman.

By:            Eugene Hirsch


With deepest sympathies to Ed and family, from Doreen and Lewis

By:            Lewis Copulsky


In memory of Lois Sugarman and her contribution to mankind. With love…

By:            Mary Cowley


Such a caring, intelligent, interesting friend! We and so many others will miss her very much.

By:            Robert and Barbara Cain


Our friend

By:            John & Jane Sullivan


May the memory of Lois’s life and love be a comfort to all those who mourn her.

By:            Sarah Stein


Lila Tove

I’m so sorry for your families loss.

By:            Sebastian Richert


Hunter Charles Webb                            

By:            Betsy Webb


Max and Declyn Williamson                                  

By:            Martha Korte



Remembering 10 years ago and wishing it had been very different!  Sending our love and thoughts to you two and the kids today!

By:            Martha Isaacson


My lost babies                        

By:            Rachel M. Berlin


Regan Maddy                         

By:            Cathie Maddy



In Honor Of:

Debbie Toney        

For all her volunteer efforts

By: Barb Grosch





Express Scripts

Debbie Abington

Kelli Acord

Januka Adhikara

Suzanne Agers

Annie Albin

Tina Alderson

Karen Alexander

April Allen

Kiara Allen

Melissa Allen

Daniel Altepeter

Nettie Altman

Carol Amelung


Cynthia Andrews

Jennifer Ansel

A.F Antoun

Heidi Arbuckle

Tania Asencio

Kerri Aulabaugh

Cheryl Autry

Don & Dana Bacich

Marianne Bader

Joel Bailer

Victoria Bailey

Angel Baker

Jaime Baldwin

Stacy Ballard

Darcy Bandy

Kathy Barrett

Cecilia Bartram

Carolyn Bast

Jim & Terry Bates

Jamie Bausch

Stephanie Bean

Debra Beath

Sara Begley

Stephanie Benefield

Matt Bequette

Matt Berger

Mary Berk

Ellen Bezold

Laura & Rodney Bickel

Matt Binder

Elizabeth Biondo

Angela Blackstun

Rachael Blanton

John Blume

Lauren Bode

Michael Bonugli

Robert Bortz

Tammi Bowlby

Amy Boyel

Phil Braasch

John Brendell

Carolynn Brewster

Marcia Brinkley

Jodi Bristow

Mikah Brock

Vicki Broeker

Charlene Brooks

Dave Brown

Jan Brown

Tracy Brumfield

Bridget Brunnert

Patti Budnik

Joyce Budt

Beth Bunge

Kathleen Burcham

Robyn Burke

Ladana Burnett

Jessica Burnette

Justin Burroughs

Shanisha Burse

Meredith Byers

Vicki Cain

Nicole Cancellaro

Donna Cappello

Paul Carlock

Sarah Carlson

Brandon Carroll

Jared Carter

Stephanie Casida

Mary Lou Caufield

Darien Chalmers

Lindsey Chase

Mark Cisneros

Ryan Clausen

Sara Clinton

Debbie Cochran

Mike Cole

Wendy Cole

Kristi Commerer

Michael Conley

Dan Coons

Jacqueline Cooper

Mike and Carol Corry

Erin Cox

Anthony Crangle

Chris Crangle

Floyd Crenshaw

Bruce Crews

May Crittendon

Erin Cronin

Leslie Cronin

Jenny Crowley

Marco Cruz

Wiiliam Cummings

Cathy Cunningham

Sheila Curley

Elizabeth Curry

Jennifer Curtis

Carol Czerwinski

Nickole Darden

Laurie Darrough

Branden Davis

Mike Davis

Shayla Davis

Brennan Davitt

Barbara Day

Matt Deane

Nicole DeBoor

Michelle Dees

John Dempsey

Kristin Dennis

Chris Diebold

Letha Dieckow

Nicole Diguiseppi

Carol Dingman

Kerry Donohue

Shelly Dorsett

Tonya Dorsey

Devin Doyle

Babette Drakesmith

Diane Drehle Graf

Nick DuBuque

Tammie Dudley

Megan Duff

Jennifer Dunn

Jill Duorro

Kimberly Eberhardt

Matthew Edwards

Demetris Eiland

Rene Eisaman

Rebecca Elam

Toni Elliott

Jessi Enghauser

Cherie Erickson

Emily Evans

Julie Eversman

Michael Evett

Michelle Faller

Nancy Famons

Cassie Fancher

Kathryn Fantroy

Jennifer Fargo

Jerome Fears

Dianna Fehrenbach

Stacy Feldt

Mark & Suzie Fenton

Lisa Ferguson

Vanna Fillion

Carla Fink

Frank Fiore

Amy Fisher

Kevin Fisher

Sarah Fletcher

Carol Foersterling

Samantha Forbis

Regina Fortner

Connie Fowler


Monique Frank

Julie Friederich

Erika Fronabarger

Nancy Fry

James Fuller

Mark Fuller

Ashley Furnace

Arand Gabriel

Michael Gallo

Sandra Galovich

Christine Gamboa

Adam Gantner

Cindy Garner

Rachel Garner

Teri Garrett

Angela Geiselman

Jennifer Gelski

Mark Gelsthorpe

Michelle Gilley

Shannon Girard

Jean Gitlemeier

Stephanie Goeckner

Jenne Goettel

Jamie Goratowski

Dianna Graff

Cory Graham

Roshanda Graham

Joseph Gray

Michele Gray

Vince Grieshaber

Kim Grimes

Donna Gruwell

Diann Haag

Sarah Hackman

Robin Hackworth

Alecia Hagemeier

Jeff Hall

Robyn Hall

Danielle Harris

Dawn Harris

Jeanette Hartung

Ryan Hastings

Angelica Hayes

Rebecca Hayes

Laura Heaton

Kathy Heck


David and Sandy Heilich

Linda Henderson

Sally Henriksen

Davette Henry

John Heppermann

Mario Herrera

Travis Hesser

Tammy Hessing

Joshua Hibbits

Brian and Rhonda Hibdon

Sherry Hibdon

Racheal Hill

Christina Hoff

Judy Hogg

Shay Holmes

Jonathan Hood

Erica Hooks

Raymond Hoops

Linda Hostler

Kacey Howard

Kitty Hubbard

Krystal Hudson

Mishelle Huffman

Jennifer Hunt

Christine Icenhower

Martee Israel

Justice Jackson

Patricia Jackson

Ashley Jacobs

John Jamison

Felicia Jimenez

Melissa Jobin

Amanda Johnson

Frank Johnson

Michelle Johnson

Meghan Jonas

Sarah Jones

Wanda Jones

Hailey Jordan

Sue Jorden

Michelle Jungers

Diana Kain

Lorine Kampelman

Richard Keating

Kerry Keeven

Jimmy Keiner

Steven Kelce

Amanda Kellerman

Jana Kelley

Darlene Kent

Chris Keough

Jessica Kersting

Jeannie Kessler

Connor Keys

Casey Kieffer

Sherry Kilgore

Andrew Kimmel

Kayla Kindlesparger

Andrew Kindred

Brenda Kirby

Aaron Kline

Lindy Kline

Deborah Kloeppel

Morris Knutsen

Rebecca Koechling

Alonia Koehn

Jean Koenig

David Kolander

Phil Kos

Debbie Koschmann

Kayleigh Koski

Rich Kraft

Danielle Kuebler

Mary Kuhlmann

Mollie LaMarr

Gianta Latham


Rachel Lawrence

Casie Lawson

Savage Laxton

Max Lay

Gloria Leach

Kristie Leach

Shanyn Lee

Valerie Lehnig

Ginger Lemayne

Teresa Lenger

Steve Lenhardt

Tabitha Leon

Christopher Lewis

Tara Lhamon

Kimberly Lira

Anna Little

Dannelle Littler

Ashley Litzinger

Sydney Long

Kimberly Loos

Emerita Lopez

David Lough

Diane Lynch

Ellen Lynch

Rebecca Lynch

Matt Macke

Brenda Mahanes

Gary Malone

Garrett Mannon

Roger Markland

Janeese Martin

Jennifer Martin

Pam Martin

Joshua Martz

Tayler Marx

Claude Matthews

Tamara Matyiko

Catherine Mayorga

Valerie McCarthy

Crystal & Drew McGrath

Jerren and John McKamely

Melanie McKean

Ashley McMillan

Ken McNair

Alecia McNeal

Meghan McNeelege

Danielle Mechling

Kristin Medsker

Joe Mica

Dawn Midyett

Amanda Miller

Erin Mills

Jackie Moffett

Julie Montgomery

Dick Moore

Rebecca Moran

Nicole Morris

Kevin Mosbliech

Nicole Mullins

Richard Murphy

Emily Myers

Candanu Nadi

Meredith Nassif Doupe


Cristina Neville Rombough

Emily Newcomb

Bobbie Nicholas

Vicki Nilges

Edwin Noble

Emma Norman

Josh Nothum

Nick Novak

Kelly Oetterer

Tammy Olson


Richard Orlet

Elizabeth Pagano

Martha Paige

Michael Paneitz

Virginia Panzitta

Corey Parmer

Betsy Paschall

Katherine Patrick

Nicole Payne

Amanda Pennington

Diane Perry

Susan Petzel

Anne Phelps

David Picha

Kathy Piel

Donna Pierce

Laura Pignotti

Elisa Pinkley

Ashley Pleimann

Nina Poersch

Susan Polcyn

Ronald Porter

Sonia Prater

Kelly Pratt

Amanda Promnitz

Kathy Pruett

Patrick Queen

Amanda Quinn

Deborah Quinney

Srividhya Ramesh

Mary Ann Raney

Rose Ray

Stacey Rayo

Megan Reeg

Cassie Rehm-Kent

Elizabeth Rehnquist

David J. Reinhart

Kenneth Rhoades

Jay Rhodes

Jenna Rhodes

Barb Rice

Brent Rich


Ashton Rivera

Donna Rivera

Tom Rizzo

Rebecca Robertson

Kpril Robinson

Rory Robinson

Tonya Robinson

Jazmin Rodriguez

Daniel Rogers

Stephanie Rolfingsmeyer

Emily Rollins

Elizabeth Rorie

Stephanie Rosik

Karen Rossi

Rob and Kathryn Rossi

Colette Rossi-Luebke

Megan Rowekamp

Ken Rowing

Bob Ruhlman

Sheila Rush

Lauren Russo

Tricia Rutledge

Amanda Saale

Morgan Saffer

Patricia Scanlon

Jacqueline Schieffer

Steve Schierbecker

Lydia Schleichert

Debbie Schlueter

Whitney Schmitt

Kathy Schneider

Misti Schneider

Patricia Schollmeyer

Natalie Schroeder

Arlene Schulte

Matthew Schulte

Caitlin Scott

Leanna Searcy

Jarred Segelle

Amanda Seithel

Michelle Serles

Michelle Sexton

Marla Seymour-Hunn

Dominic Shafer

Amy Shanley

Christopher Shannon

Kim Shaw

Laurie Shelton

Jessica Shepherd

Julie Sheridan

Emily Sill

Fred Silva

Martha Silva

Warren Silva

Semeca Simon

Janet Sims

Richard Sims

Dorothy Sinclair

Debbie Sinden

Amanda Sitton

Kathleen Sizemore

Heather Skellington

Marji Skorcz

Carol Smith

Kelsey Smith

Kevin Smith

Lisa Smith

Cheryl Smithson

Kathryn Spalinger

Marcia Stark

Suzanne Starks

Allison Stein

Susan Steinhauer

Julia Stephenson

Alecia Steur

Cara Stinebaker

Michael Stinebaker

Pat Stirichcomb

Matt Stockmann

Darcie Stocks

Barry Storms

Melvin Stout

Stephanie Street

Joe Stumpf

Kim Sudbrock

Terri Summers

Stacey Tagert

Michael Taylor

Brooke Tayton

Joyce Ternetz

Kaitlin Thacker

Pamela Theodore

Deb Thole

Bill Thompson

Jill Thompson

Margie Thompson

Rodney & Mary Thompson

Tracy Thompson

Vanessa Thompson

Michelle Thoms


Daina Thornton

Kymberly Thurman

Erik Tierney

Kati Tinsley

Anthony Tobias

Robin Tobin

Leanne Todd

Debbie Toney

Monica Torres

Cindy Treadway

Kelly Tredway

Eric Trentmann

Linda Tucker

Cynthia Tulloch

STephany Turley

Kyle Tustin

Cynthia Tyree

Suzanne Vinograd

Charles Waite

Kevin Walker

Ethan Wallace

Rachael Wallace

Jennifer Waller

Shonta Walls

Brian Walston

Teresa Weber

Eric Weir

Sandra West

Kathryn Westervelt

Jessica Whaley

audrey Wheeler

Eric Wheeler

Lisa White

Ashley Whitehall

Brent Whitson

Mary Wick

Darca Wiggins

Valerie Wiggins

Amanda Wilkins


Brandy Williams

Dan & Lauren Williams

Julia Williams

Mesha Williams

Tami Williams

Whitney Williams

Kristina Wilson

Steve Wingbermuehle

Tracie Wiss

Nellie Witherspoon

Mark Witzling

William Wojtowicz

Crystal Woodsmall

Patrick Wooten

Thomas Wootten

Cynthia Wray

Alicia Wren

Gary Wright

Darla Yocom

Carissa Yohn

Crystal Young

Priscilla Zenk

Heather Zimmerman

Jennifer Zolper

Allison Zoltanski

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Matilda Jane


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