August 2018 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:


Immanuel Anthony                                                                    

By:            Arleen Korenblat


Jaxon Hurley                                                                                 

By:            Enterprise Bank & Trust


Aaron Ryan Kohn                                                                       

By:            Chicago Capital Partners


In memory of your beautiful little boy

By:            Dana Ackerman


Our sincere condolences on the loss of your precious Aaron.

By:            Douglas and Melissa Adler


We send our love and support to the Kohn family on the loss of Aaron.  We make this donation in his memory and to support National  May you find comfort in the days ahead.  Sincerely, Karen & Bill Andrews (colleague of Alan Kohn)

By:            Karen Andrews


With so much Love

By:            David Auerbach


By:            Dr. and Mrs. Mark Baker


With our sincerest condolences

By:            Judy & Steven Blumenthal


We are so sorry for your loss. May his memory be a blessing forever in your hearts.   All Our Love, Laura & Jim

By:            Laura Bream


Midwest Truck & Auto Parts & Mark Chudacoff

By:            Mark Chudacoff


In loving memory of your grandson Aaron. May his memory be a blessing. All our love, Barb, Dave, Leslie and Adam

By:            Barb Cohen


We are so sorry for your loss.

By:            Ryan Daube


By:            Lorrie and Jeff Daube


Jana and Ross –  I’ve had you in my thoughts since the moment I learned of Aaron’s passing. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing all that you have about Aaron and the experience you shared. I admire the two of you as a couple greatly and am always here for you both.  May Aaron’s memory forever be a blessing. Sending you guys all my best. – Miriam Dresner

By:            Miriam Dresner


Jana and Ross, We are so very sorry for your loss of Aaron. Our thoughts are with you. Stacie and Cary Edgar

By:            Stacie and Cary Edgar


By:            Kathryn Ehrhart


Aaron, You will be loved and missed forever!

By:            Nancy and Ross Friedman


Dear Kohn Family, Please accept our deepest condolences our thoughts and prayers are with you, sending love Aviva & Haim Ginzburg.

By:            Aviva Ginzburg


In memory of a precious baby boy, Aaron Ryan Kohn.  Holding Jana, Ross and the whole family in my heart and prayers.

By:            Kristin Girdaukas



By:            Haley Glickman


Our entire family is so saddened for your unexpected loss of Aaron Ryan. Please know we are thinking of all of you, and your extended families. Sending love, hugs, and heartfelt prayers of comfort.  Shari & Bruce

By:            Shari Greenberg


Ross & Jana-Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.  -Marcus, Alison, Jenny, Callie, Kevin, Lisa and Andrew.

By:            Kevin Harrington


I am so very sorry for your loss.  Thinking of you in this difficult time.

By:            Christine Haskins


You are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time- Mary and Don

By:            Mary Hershman


By:            Claire Hoffman


May his life always be a blessing!

By:            Lisa Katz


Much love to your family.

By:            Allen Kirsh


By:            Judd and Leah Kohn


We will always love Aaron and he will be in our hearts forever.

By:            Randi and Alan Kohn


I love you. Papa Doug

By:            Douglas Kritz


You will forever be our grandson.  Love Grandma and Grandpa Greg

By:            Greg and Julie Kritz


Thinking about you always.  Love, Steph

By:            Stephanie Levee


Thinking of you, Jana and Ross. Sending you my love.

By:            Melanie Levy


Dear Jana (and Ross), I know it has been a long time since we have caught up, but I was so so sorry to hear about Aaron. I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you!  Sincerely, Becca Kelner MacDonald

By:            Rebecca MacDonald


Endless love for Aaron, Jana, & Ross.

By:            Laura & Matt Morris


With Love to the Kohn Family – Ross, Jana, & Aaron – From The Neenan’s

By:            Kathryn Neenan


We love all three of you so much!

By:            Robert Penzell


Ross & Jana, We are so sorry and sad for your loss.  We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. -The Perry Family

By:            Michael Perry


Our thoughts are with you, Alyne & Jim Rolfe

By:            Jim Rolfe


We are so sorry for your loss.

By:            Peggy Rubenstein


By:            Michael Ryden


With deepest sympathy

By:            Barbara and Terry Schwartz


By:            Rebecca Schwartz


Jana, Ross and Family, We are sending you all your prayers and love. We are so sorry.  With heavy hearts, Rachel, Michael and family

By:            Rachel Sheinkop


Thinking of you all during this difficult time

By:            Melissa Shulman


We are so so sorry for your loss. Love , Joan and Rick

By:            Joan Slavin


Sending a lot of love

By:            Julie Slivka


We are thinking of you and your dear baby. With our deepest sympathies and much love. Aunt Helen and Uncle Irv

By:            Helen Snider


Jana and Ross, I’m so sorry about your loss. Love, Jan

By:            Janice Snider


In memory of Aaron, with our sincere sympathies.   From Ellen and David Stafman, friends of Randi and Alan

By:            Ellen Stafman


Sending all our love to your family. Love The Stempels

By:            Sarah Stempel


Jana & Ross, Our thoughts are with you, Love, Marilyn & Michael

By:            Marilyn Vender


We are so very sorry for your loss.

By:            Jeffrey Weinberg


We love you both so very much. If we can do anything let us know.

By:            Lynn Yanow


Ben Kroll                                                                                         

By:            Paul and Fran Kravitz


Owen Lee Meyer                                                      

Love, Great-Grandma Kohler

By:            Eunice Kohler


Zachary & Noah Parker                                         

Happy 2nd Heavenly Birthday to Noah & Zachary and Happy 1st Birthday to little sister Quinn

By:            Marin Moder


Cole James Gaspard-Robinson and  Kia Henry Gaspard-Robinson                              

By:            Claudette Gaspard


Charley Rowekamp                                                                   

By:            Brenda Buikema


By:            Jacquie Danz


Charley Grimes Rowekamp

Thinking of Charley and sending love, now and always…

By:            Sara, Andrew, and Holden Douglas


Thinking of your 11th birthday.

By:            Martha and Dean Isaacson


Happy 11th Birthday, Charley!  Love,   Aunt Paige

By:            Paige Knutsen


By:            Jan Knutsen


Charley’s mom Megan is one strong (and amazing) gal and I’m lucky to call her a friend. Here’s to Charley, Megan and the entire Rowekamp Family–thinking of you and thankful for all that you do!

By:            Jessica Monson


Act of kindness in honor of Charley’s 11th birthday.

By:            Megan & Jason Rowekamp


In honor of Charley Rowekamp, a beautiful boy who has lived in my heart every day for 11 years, and whom I will always love.

By:            Katie Suttenberg


Jacob Thompson                                                        

In honor of Mother’s Day & Father’s Day 2018, I’ve made a donation to Share National in Jacob’s memory.  Love, Hilary Shirven

By:            Hilary Shirven


Cameron Joseph Walters                                                       

By:            Vernitta Walters




Thank You…


Express Scripts

Cornelia Arenz

Cara & Ken Bast

Jennie Bell

Amie Bemke

Katherine Brandt

Patti Budnik

Katie Busken

Meredith Byers

The Callahan’s

Ryan Carmody

Debbie & Jim Cochran

Mary Darby

Nicole DeBoor

Rosalyn Declue

Kimberly Derleth

Jeff & Jessica Ems

Cherie Erickson

Romick Family

Lisa Fererro

Stephanie Fritz

Mark and Betty Fuller

Christy Gass

Mark Gelsthorpe

Lindsay Grieshaber

Cynthia Grochowski

Laura Hanson

Beverly Hazelwood

Sally Henriksen

Therese Hof

Kyle Holleran

Cheryl Isley

Laura Jag

Sherry Jehling

Melissa Jobin

Kelly Jordan-Licht

Michele Kennedy

Gregory Klaus

Ellen Knubley

Andrea & Adam Kroll

Carla Kutnick

Catherine Lammert

Judy Lazerwitz

Lauren Lee

Laura Levin

Kearney Liuzza

Jackie Lueckert

Laura Max

Kim Melanson

Barb Mennemeier

Maria Naggi

Susan Petzel

Brooke Potter

Jenny Rezabek

Tara Richardson

Susan Rizzato

Chris & Shelby Roberdeau

Keegan Rush

Hollie Schaeperkoetter

Ilene Schnurman

Daniella and Jason Schwartz

Fred Shaw

Emily Sill

Linnea Street

Brian Thilenius

Laurie Thompson

Darren Totten

Linda Walton

Megan Wandersee

Ismael Wayne

Dan & Lauren Williams

Janice and Jason Zeid

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