August 2019 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:


I’ll hold you in my heart until I can hold you in heaven. With love to you and your inspiring Mommy. Tia Ale

By:             Alejandra Lopez

Alexander Joseph                                                                           

By:             Jennifer Fritz

Baby Leo 

This is a small contribution in loving memory of baby Leo. Love Amanda and Sofia

By:             Amanda Musa

Love from Virginia and François

By:             Virginia Soares

Baby Beretta Boone                                                      

When you lose a baby you love, you gain an Angel you know

By:             Joy Boone

Rosemary & Maggie Cronin                                         

in memory of my beautiful grand dollies, Rosemary & Maggie Cronin.  Gma Julie loves you so much.

By:             Julie Sheridan

Caleb Leible                                                                                      

By:             Linda & William Leible

Jack Steven Lueckert                                                                      

By:             Jackie Lueckert

Nate Grace                                                                      

For Nate’s 5th Birthday ❤

By:             Christine McMinn

Lily Nicole Polansky                                                      

One of the Great Ones!

By:             David & Teleen Hartvigsen

You both are in my thoughts and prayers.  May God be with you.

By:             Gina Kelly

Charley Rowekamp                                                       

Celebrating Charley always, and especially today, which would have been his 12th Birthday.  His life, though so short, has shaped my life forever.

By:             Kathryn Suttenberg

Edward Jude Swain                                                                         

By:             Laurie & Tim Berry

In memory of a wonderful father and husband.

By:             Lucy Drews

By:             Catherine Lammert

Tisha Van Barneveld                                                     

By:             Betty Sachs, Rollin & Jnet Sachs, Pat & Bob Koch,& Joann & Steve Harrington


From Uncle Bill

By:             William Sachs



In Honor Of:


Melissa Bray                                                                   

Happy Birthday.  I am so lucky to have you as an employee and friend!  You are such a special person.

By:             Mary Beste





Thank You…


Enterprise Bank & Trust Foundation

Katy Trail Collection

Piper Lou Collection

Express Scripts

Kerry Albrecht

Gail Anderson

Phyllis Beekman

Jennie Bell

Amie Bemke

Sarah Blind

Benjamin Boyd

Lisa Bridgewater

Anita Broeker

Amanda Bryce

Diane Buatte

Patti Budnik

Ken Budt

Tricia Cage

Jennifer Canbek

Daniel Cantrell

Becky Cornwell

Julie Costephens

Tina Deeljore

Jessica Elbert

Dianna Fiorini

Gloria Fischer

Sarah Flowers

Mark and Betty Fuller

Mark Gelsthorpe

Michelle Geringer

Mary Giles

Shelly Glew

Leigh Ann Graff

Madeline Graham

Adam Gray

Rudo Gray

Patricia Hendricks

Beth Howard

Lindsey Howard

Sherry Howard

Larry Huonker

Rachel Jaar

Donna James

Lauren Jenkerson

Laura Johnson

Brittany Jones

Julie Kauffmann

Sharon Kaufman

Tracy Keinrath

Mary Kelley

Kayla Knight

Debbie Koschmann

Victoria Kubik

Catherine Lammert

Sarah Lawrenz

Kellie Loughmiller

Christina Luecke

Casey Lukefahr

Kathy Lukefahr

Caitlynn Mainord

Rebecca Martinez

Connie Meyer

Janet Middleton

Cheri Miller

Jackie Miller

Andrea Morris

Hallie Morris

Dave and Jeannine Mueller

Brittney Odle

Mary Elise Okenfuss

Sharon Perryman

Rachel Petrov

Dena Peyster

Nina Poersch

Twyla Powell

John Richardson

Chris Roberdeau

Megan & Jason Rowekamp

Keegan Rush

Melissa Schaughnessy

Karen Scholbe

Carly Schuetz

Brian Shackelford

Crystal Shapiro

Fred Shaw

Patti Shaw

Rachael Showmaker

Debbie Skelly

Chris Smith

Rhonda Smith`

Crystal Smothers

Kathy Sparks

Penny & Jim Stambaugh

Maggie & Matt Stockmann

Steve Stroud

Judy Thomas

Kelly Villeneuve

Katie Walsh

Pat Walsh

Brittney Marie White

Dan & Lauren Williams

Lisa Zorn

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