Create a Team for Share Walk 2019

It only takes one person to inspire hundreds — that’s the power behind being a team captain. As a team captain you become a leader in a powerful movement towards supporting bereaved families. Being on a team is an opportunity to share a great experience with friends, family members or coworkers — a community connecting to remember your baby.

As part of the Share movement, you and your team are committed to helping provide free services to other families who experience a loss and we are committed to you and the success of your team!

Forming or joining a team is a great way to experience the Share Walk! The camaraderie and support you’ll feel from the rest of your team is like no other. By forming a team during the registration process, you will become the designated team captain and will be in charge of rallying the troops for the big day. For complete instructions on how to create a team, please visit

Create a Team

2019 Share Walk for Remembrance and Hope October 19, 2019
Frontier Park, St. Charles, MO

For more information about the Walk, click here.

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