December 2017 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:


August Austin Ackmann                                          

By:            Maureen Watson

Remembering Auggie at Christmas and always.  Love Great-Grandma Aggie and the family


Rachel Ann Begley                                                    

By:            Susan & Kevin Begley


Emily Ann Bogener                                                   

By:            Connie & John Bogener

Love our Emily!


Griffin L. Brase                                                           

By:            Merlene & Ben Jeffries

Forever in our hearts


Joshua Ryan Bruenning                                          

By:            Bob Rosenberg

By:            Steve & Carol Jasper

By:            Harold Layton

By:            Jan & Bob Jerden


Joseph William Carter                                              

By:            Deborah & William Carter


Alexander Castillo                                                     

By:            Susan Woodard

Love you both so much and wish  Alexander could be here to share our crazy lives with us but know he is watching over us and is HAPPY!

Angelique Valdivia-Castillo                                     

By:            Maria Castillo

Love Mom, Dad and your sisters.

Delaney Grace Cuculich                                           

By:            Jennifer Wambach


Brennen  Aren Dae                                                   

By:            James Petzel


Jade Davison                                                               

By:            Katherine Voss


Claire Lynn DeBoor                                                   

By:            Colette Rossi-Luebke


Carley Jean Dennis                                                    

By:            Mary Zigrang


Simone Payton Dodd                                                

By:            Lauren Long

Merry Christmas! Love, Aunt Lauren, Uncle Ryan, Fiona, Sawyer, Grammy and Pop-O

Rowan Louis Douglas                                               

By:            Rachel Douglas


Chase Ryan Elmendorf                                            

By:            Carol & Terry Elmendorf

By:            Lynne Wuelling

Always in our hearts

Kathryn Ann Ewald                                                   

By:            Missy & Jeff Ewald


Abby Feinauer                                                            

By:            Hope Andrews

By:            Christy Jones


Lynsie Fishman                                                           

By:            Cynthia Layton


Baby Fogarty                                                              

By:            Jessica Fogarty


Mary Clare Ford                                                        

By:            Gail Bettis – Ford

Mary Clare will always be remembered, Love GG

Chase Foster                                                               

By:            Barbara Smith


Baby Freeman                                                           

By:            Laurie Tucker


Sebastian Garcia                                                        

By:            GP and RY Garcia


Benjamin Gelsthorpe                                               

By:            Cynthia Gelsthorpe


Jessica July Gillam                                                      

By:            Afton Ash Ririe


Jack Andrew Granger II                                          

By:            Jack Granger


Patrick James Green                                                

By:            Virginia Green

We love and miss you everyday!  Love, Mom,Dad,Brendan and Bridget

Nathan Anthony Grillo                                             

By:            Vicky Grillo

He is always in our hearts. Love Mom and Dad Grillo

Claire Conroy Guckes                                               

By:            Sarah Guckes

By:            Pamela Wilkerson


Charlie Haake                                                             

By:            Brian & Julia Henry

By:            Sarah Kunka

Never forgotten and always in my heart.

Eugene Lee Haeffner                                               

By:            Christine & Dean Haeffner

We love you!

Ella Marie Hamilton                                                  

By:            Erin Hamilton


Nathan Edward Haney                                            

By:            Julie Counterman

Beautiful Baby Nathan, you are in our hearts and prayers daily.  We love you.

Baby Hanner                                                               

By:            Teresa & Jeff Clauss


Caroline Henry                                                           

By:            Mary Vancil

Precious Angel

Andrew Hewitt & SIster Jane Marie                  

By:            Linda & Clyde Hewitt


Ridge Chappel Hneleski and Sophia Nance Vein              

By:            Carey & Robert Hneleski

In our hearts forever

Grace SuSu Howells                                                  

By:            Brian Howells

In honor of our Daughter, Grace, and on behalf of her amazing mom, Laura.

Nicholas Matthew Huggins                                    

By:            Margie & Matt Huggins


Jaxon Hurley                                                               

By:            Shannon Stokes


Teadora Frances Iannelli                                        

By:            Jaclyn Sorocenski

The littlest angels leave the biggest footprints on our hearts.  With Our Love,  The Sorocenski and Neumann Families

By:            Tom and Christina Hirth


Maggie Lynn Ingle                                                    

By:            Elizabeth Ingle

Merry Christmas!  You are always in our hearts.

Menachem Jungblut                                                 

By:            Susan Sheffey


Kiera Elizabeth Keady                                              

By:            Laura & Dave Keady


Audrey Hope Keinrett                                              

By:            Connie & Richard Pirtle


Abigail Kuester                                                           

By:            Amanda Tift Kuester


Bianca Katharina Kuhs                                             

By:            Hilary Robbins

My gift is in memory of Bianca Katharina Kuhs and in honor of her mother, Krystle Lang Kuhs.

Martin Stauder and Josephine LaFata               

By:            Samantha Palmer

In Loving memory of Martin Stauder and great niece, Josephine Marie. May they rest peacefully together until we see them again…

Christopher Michael Lammert                             

By:            LISA COSHER


Madison Grace Lagreca                                          

By:            Jane LaGreca


Caleb J Leible                                                               

By:            Joan & Richard Heldorfer


Harriet and DeLeia Luck                                          

By:            DeAnne Luck


Michael Brown Marbach                                       

By:            Becky Kimmes


Joseph Michael Margherio                                    

By:            Mike Margherio


Logan Alexander Merkle                                       

By:            Stephanie M Smith

In memory of our little buddy.   Grandma Sweetie & Grandpa Rick

Kevin Daniel Miller                                                    

By:            Phyllis Parker


Mills Babies                                                                 

By:            Christine & Doug Mills


The Morrison Babies                                               

By:            Laurie Tucker


Baby Motil                                                                   

By:            Rhonda Roseberry and Michael Motil


Ms Sheri Nakai                                                          

By:            Kerry Kidwell-Slak


Colton Christopher Natsch                                     

By:            Jackie & Chris Natsch


Marley Caroline Neville                                          

By:            Teresa & David Andre

By:            Roy Burch

By:            Alisa Osborne

I miss you everyday. Love you so much Aunt Alisa

Paige Newberry                                                        

By:            Cheryl & Ronald Fauquher


Isabella Jean Heimann Nunes                               

By:            Wendy Heimann


Avery O’Farrell                                                          

By:            Sheila & Jeffrey Fischer


Theodore Okeson                                                     

By:            Victoria Okeson


David and Allison O’Leary                                      

By:            Jeanna & Dave O’Leary

By:            Donna Wilke


Matthew Ommen                                                     

By:            Melissa Grafton


Owen Christopher Paganini                                   

By:            Mary Ann Mansker

Merry Christmas Owen from MeMa

Angelique and Michael Jr Price                            

By:            Erika and Michael Price


Amanda Nicole Rasmussen                                   

By:            Carma & Randy Rasmussen


Amy Noel Rathsam                                                  

By:            Sharon & Larry Rathsam


Matthew Paul Rauch                                                

By:            Nancy & Bill Rauch


Joshua Mirkay Redington                                      

By:            Michael Redington

You are always in our hearts and memories.

By:            Melissa Redington


Greyson James Rentel                                             

By:            Jonel Presley

Always in our hearts!

Avery Lee Rojano                                                     

By:            Rachel Rojano

By:            Christine Alexander

Forever in our hearts.

Charley Rowekamp                                                  

By:            Kathy & Bob Rowekamp


William Schamel                                                        

By:            Kirk & Maureen Richter


Jordan, Cameron, & Conner Schneider            

By:            Beth & Stuart Schneider

Remembering three little angels.

Timothy J Sheehan                                                    

By:            Camille & Christopher Forrest

In memory of a loving friend

Chantal Luc Shirley                                                    

By:            Francoise Shirley


Gregory Barrett Sill                                                  

By:            Emily Sill


Ray Slaughter                                                             

By:            Pitman Funeral Home


Alyssa Kay Smith                                                       

By:            Amy Smith


Caroline Grace Stachula                                          

By:            Greta Frazier


Francis Stockmann                                                   

By:            Anne Phelps


Lois Sugarman                                                            

By:            Edward Sugarman


Jonah Tannehill                                                           

By:            Jade Van Pelt

Merry Christmas, Jonah. Love, Aunt Jade & Aunt Johna.

Finn Thilenius                                                              

By:            Gretchen Goodall

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Finn! Love, Bryan & Gretchen

Emmanuel Tokarsky                                                

By:            Christa Fistler

We miss and love you Emmanuel!   Love Aunt Friss, Uncle Matt, Luke, Christian, and Henry

Coleman Urzi and Baby Goodall                          

By:            Mary & George O’Connell                     Love Mimi and Papa

Tess Welker                                                                

By:            Brian and Toni Welker


Clayton Welsch                                                           

By:            Sheldon & Sheldon Wettack


Kaiden and Kennedy Wengler                              

By:            Carol Drummond

Aunt Carol, Aunt Charlene and Grandma

Nicholas Robert Ybarra                                          

By:            Amy & Bob Ybarra


Lauren & Emma                                                         

By:            Susan Smith


Makenna Marie                                                        

By:            Victoria Barron

Another Christmas without our girl. Always in my our hearts.



Regan Maddy                                                             

By:            Cathie Maddy



By:            Diana & Ray Cheshire



By:            Steve Bisson

After two miscarriages in December years ago, I’m acknowledging my loss as a husband and honor those losses for my then wife

Wesley and Matthew                                              

By:            Michael Bielamowicz


In Honor Of:


Katie Johnson                                                              

By:            Gerri & Dan Kostecki


Lauren Patel                                                                

By:            Katherine Ellwood


The Compassionate Friends Chicago Chapter 

By:            Ronald and Ursula Hall



Thank You…


Mary Ellen & John Antonio

Richard and Karen Bahr

Rudy Beck

Jennifer Begley

Rachel M. Berlin

Joelle & Mark Biernacki

Lindsay Boyd

Lisa Bridgewater

Carol Buck

Patti Budnik

John Capellupo

First Capitol Lions Club

Debbie & Jim Cochran

Charles Corr

Sharon & Barry Covington

Becky Cronan

Haylee Crowley

Raymond D’Auria

The Eberman Family

Carissa Erickson

Tom and Marlene Evans

Julia Everhart

Pam & Richard Falter

Robin Renee Fincher

Taryn Foster

Mark & Betty Fuller

Teresa & Patrick Gavin

Mark Gelsthorpe

Carole & James Georgen

Dianna & Michael Glowczwskie

Nicole Gonzalez

Lisa & John Hamilton

Candice Hertlein

Sara James Higgins

Trudy & Christopher Hoey

Richard Hollander

Kevin Jackson

Sarah Johnson

Shirley Johnson

Ashley Jones

Eunice Klaas

Andrea & Adam Kroll

Stephanie Kurtzman

Carol & William Kutteh

Linda Laferriere

Daniel Lafleur

Jamesine Lamb, OSF

Catherine Lammert

Angela & Robert Laurence

Julia Lees

Ann & Frank Lehmann

Linda Leindecker

Rosalie Maimone & Craig Medwick

Kimberly and Charles Maner

Jeff Mason

April and Andrew McCandless

Sandra & Craig Miller

Antonia Monareh

Peter Murphy

Jan Nickell Nowak

Tammy Olson

Laurie Peacock

Susan Petzel

Deborah Pleimann

Heather Preston

Laura Richter

Chris & Shelby Roberdeau

Megan & Jason Rowekamp

Keegan Rush

Barbara Rykaczewski

David and Jamie Sauerburger

Melissa Shapiro

Martha & Victor Silva

Mary Kay Spencer

Matthew Stockmann

Shiraz Sunderji

Andrew Tanis

Heather Watson

Brittney Marie White

Shannon & William Willhite

Dan & Lauren Williams

Constance Woods

Aetna Foundation

Red Arrow Club for Endurance



Thank You…


St. Dominic High School – Outreach Club

LuLaRoe (LLR) Inc

Ashley Brethel

Christina Carpenter

Debbie Cochran

Cherie Erickson

Mark Fuller

Mark Gelsthorpe

Steven Kelce

Tammy Olson

Laurie Peacock

Susan Petzel

David J. Reinhart

Chris Roberdeau

Megan Rowekamp

Keegan Rush

Carina Spencer

Mary Wigge

Dan & Lauren Williams


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