December 2018 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:

Owen Michael Backer               

We miss you every day, but especially on Christmas.  We send you heavenly hugs and love from all of us.  Thank you for shining down on us!  We love you.

By:             Julie Backer

By:             Debbie & Ted Ball

Presley Janae Beach                                   

By:             Sharon Beach

Mira and Sadie Brown               

Mommy and Daddy miss you every day!

By:             Amy Brown

Joshua Bruenning   

Love Aunt Lin

By:             Linda & Bill Fielder

Mary Liddy & Deb Buck                              

By:             Carol Buck

The Carroll Children:  Anthony, Ella, Shannon, Anna Therese & Aubrey Brooke                        

By:             Lesa Carroll

Joseph William Carter               

In memory of his 36th b-day, Love Mom and Dad

By:             Deborah & William Carter

Alexander Bryan Castillo          

Alexander lives in my heart forever. Love, Mom

By:             Susan Woodard

Baby Covilli                                

By:             Andrea & Todd Covilli

Stephen Joseph Danilak           

In memory of our son-October 17-28,1995

By:             Anne and Steve Danilak


Andrew D’Auria                          

By:             Anonymous

Eroll Dory                  

By:             Douglas A Gansler

Rowan Louis Douglas                                 

By:             Sean & Rachel Douglas

John Robert Elliott                    

By:             April Elliott

Chase Ryan Elmendorf                               

By:             Tracy Elmendorf

Kathryn Ann Ewald                   

By:             Missy & Jeff Ewald

Shannon Farrell                         

By:             Angie Farrell

Lynsie Helen Fishman                                

By:             Cynthia Layton

Noah Florian                               

By:             Trudy & Christopher Hoey

Chase Foster                              

By:             Barbara Smith

Nathan Gamerman                    

By:             Laura & David Pels

Aidan Robert Gard                    

By:             Nadia and Robert Gard

Ben Gelsthorpe        

By:             Cynthia Gelsthorpe

Remi Isabella Goebel                

Remembering Remi

By:             Kecia  & Brett Therion


Kevin Kelly Kory Graham                           

By:             Dawn A Graham

Patrick James Green                                   

By:             Virginia Green

Claire Conroy Guckes               

In memory of our Granddaughter.

By:             Pamela Wilkerson

Willis Hunter Hammer               

You are a part of our lives everyday

By:             Jennifer & Mark Hammer

Nathan Edward Haney              

Tiny angel above I pray you know how much you are loved

By:             Julie Counterman

Baby Hanner                              

By:             Teresa & Jeff Clauss

Mason Harris                              

By:             Jim & Lisa Hannon

Caroline Henry                           

By:             Mary Vancil

Ridge Chappel Hneleski & Sophia Nance Vein         

Our babies together in heaven. We love you forever.

By:             Carey & Robert Hneleski

Ada Olivia Hollis                        

By:             Rebecca Nunan

Grae “SuSu” Howells                

In loving memory of our beautiful Grace.

Love always – Mom, Dad, Ev, and Syd

By:             Brian Howells

Nicholas Matthew Huggins                        

By:             Margie & Matt Huggins

Stella Anna Johnson                 

In memory of our dear baby Stella

By:             Therese & Bruce Mayrand

In memory of our sweet baby Stella

By:             Conrad & Shirley Mayrand

Kiera Elizabeth Keady               

We love you sweet child!

By:             Laura & Dave Keady

Audrey Hope Keinrath                                

By:             Connie & Richard Pirtle

Joan Louise Keith                     

By:             Mary & Derek Kopp

Xavier Khan                                

By:             Tamara Khan

Miles Kraus                                 

By:             Michelle & Mark Kraus



Madison Lafond       

Your memory will continue to be alive and well and help others. Love Laurel

By:             Laurel Elam

Caleb Leible                                

By:             Joan & Richard Heldorfer

Bean Lubash            

In honor of our baby girl, Merry Christmas to all the grieving parents this holiday season. You are not alone and there is hope in the pain of it all!

By:             Cristina Lubash

Harriet & DeLeia Luck                                 

By:             DeAnne Luck

Caroline and Christina Maner                    

By:             Kimberly and Charles Maner

Brianna Marie McGreal             

Happy 20th Heavenly Christmas, our sweet angel.

By:             Karen McGreal

Maci McMurtry                           

By:             Carl McMurtry

Logan Alexander Merkle           

In loving memory of our little buddy

By:             Stephanie M Smith


Baby Motil                 

Thinking of you -18 years old-

By:             Rhonda Roseberry and Michael Motil

Mayha Naeger                            

By:             Sharon DeCosta

Colton Christopher Natsch                        

By:             Jackie & Chris Natsch

Love always and forever, Grammy and Pop

By:             Joan Natsch

Marley Neville           

By:             Roy Burch

You are always in my Heart

By:             Alisa Osborne

Isabella Jean Heimann Nunes                   

By:             Wendy Heimann

Theodore Noah Okeson                              

By:             Victoria & Seth Okeson

David and Allison O’Leary                          

By:             Jeanna & Dave O’Leary

Our love to our dear grandchildren, forever in our hearts

By:             Donna Wilke

Kaedyn Roshni Costigan Patel

Never Forgetting

By:             Gail Costigan

Jacob Pliske                               

By:             Matthew Honerkamp

Angelique Price and Michael Price Jr.                        

By:             Erika and Michael Price

Amanda Nicole Rasmussen                       

By:             Carma & Randy Rasmussen



Amy Noel Rathsam  

In loving memory of my dear sister.

By:             Heather & Cory Davenport

By:             Glee Ann Huddlestun

By:             Sharon & Larry Rathsam

Joshua Mirkay Redington                          

By:             Melissa Redington

Natalie Rose                               

By:             Elizabeth & Harlan Meyer

Grandson Steffen Roth                               

By:             Diana & Ray Cheshire

Steffen Matthias Roth               

We would be celebrating your 20th birthday on January 9, 2019.  I still try to imagine what life would be like if you had been able to stay.  10 days was not enough, precious boy.  Love, Mom

By:             Bonnie Roth

Charley Rowekamp 

Continued thoughts & prayers!

By:             Stacey Hohn

By:             Kathy & Bob Rowekamp

Ruby and Olive Ryals                                  

By:             Karen Greenfield

William Schamel                        

By:             Kirk & Maureen Richter

Chantal Luc Shirley                   

By:             Francoise Shirley

Scott Shulman                           

By:             Jeanne & Robert Shulman

Sawyer Grace Silman                

In memory of Sawyer Grace this holiday season.

By:             Michelle Silman

Caroline Stachula                      

By:             Mary Valerius

Frankie Stockmann                   

By:             Matthew Stockmann



Scott  Stouffer          

Thinking of you at this difficult time.

By:             Louise Frohlichstein

In loving memory of your  beloved husband and father.

By:             Sheri & Mike Angelides

So very sorry.

By:             Amy Auffenberg

Keeping you close in heart and prayer for the loss of your beloved Scott.  I wish you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead, and loving memories to forever hold in your heart.

By:             Alejandra Bergstrom

I am so very sorry for your loss.

By:             Kathleen Bickert

The Alef & Brasher families mourn this loss with you.

By:             Tim Brasher

This donation is in honor of Scott Stouffer in memory of Suzann, Robert, and James Stouffer from the Rec-Plex Sharks Parents Association.

By:             Karen Butz

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time.

By:             Janet Crews

Denise, I wish there was something I could do to ease your grief. I am so sorry. Karen

By:             Karen and Mark Engel

Denise and Anna, You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Cathleen Fogarty

By:             Cathleen Fogarty

Words are insufficient to express our profound sorrow at the loss of Scott during this most difficult time. Scott will always be a significant part of both your and Anna’s life. He will be watching over you both. Please lean on the family and friends who love you, we are here for you at all times. My constant thoughts and prayers are with you our very dear friend. With love, the Frontczaks, Holmes and Scrivens

By:             Mary Frontczak

By:             Milena Garganigo

By:             Jeni Goode

By:             Akemie Gray

Denise,I am so sorry for your loss.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Tyler

By:             Tyler Harger

In memory of Scott, and their children, Suzann, Robert, and James.  Sending love and light for peaceful healing to Denise and Anna.

By:             Brina Hartman

Our thoughts are with you. Lora, Robb, Madeline and Sydney

By:             Robb and Lora Hellwig

By:             Jamie Helmkamp

Our thoughts are with you at this very sad time. Scott was a very nice man, and we know he will be missed by many.

By:             Joy Hsu/Chen

By:             Victoria Jones

I am praying for your family and holding you close to my heart. Cathy Kopp, Meramec

By:             Catherine Kopp

This is in a Memorial to Scott Stouffer and his loving family.

By:             Eileen Krahman

We are thinking of you and our hearts and prayers are with you, Anna and your family.

By:             Stefanie Levenson

So very saddened for your loss and thinking of you and your family. Nurse McCarty

By:             Mary Frances McCarty

My family will pray for your family.  With Love, Gina McNamara

By:             Gina McNamara

So sorry for your tragic loss.  May God bless your family and bring peace to you all.

By:             Rita Mukerji

There are not words to express how much my heart aches for you and beautiful Anna.  May you gather strength to push forward to honor his memory! Love you!

By:             Silvia Mutis

In memory of Scott Stouffer. With love and prayers, the Potts family

By:             Amanda Potts

Denise and Anna,Our hearts are broken for you.  Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, and we are here for you in whatever capacity you need us. Love, Heather, Sofia, and Lucy Puerto

By:             Heather Puerto

Dear Denise and Anna, Sending love to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Nancy Rapp

By:             Nancy Rapp

In celebration of an amazing life and an amazing family.  Much love to you!

By:             Jennifer Riley

We are so sorry and thinking of your family

By:             Emily Rosenfeld

By:             Janie and David Smith

Denise –I am so deeply sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts. Sincerely, Erin Sucher-O’Grady and family

By:             Erin Sucher-O’Grady

To celebrate Scott’s life and honor his years as a devoted father and husband to Anna and Denise.

By:             Gregg Thompson

We’re sorry to hear about the loss of Scott.  You and Anna are in our thoughts and prayers.

By:             Fudong Wang

Scott Stouffer and memory of his beloved babies, Suzann, Robert and James                  My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family with the loss of your husband, Scott.

By:             Karen Brodski

Scott Stouffer and Suzann, Robert & James With heartfelt sympathy.

By:             Jackie Lipsitz

Suzann, Robert and James Stouffer              – Remembering Scott and wishing you peace and comfort during this difficult journey, now and in the days ahead.

By:             Jennifer Wambach

Suzann, Robert, & James Stouffer – Denise & Anna, We pray this gives some comfort to you during this time. Tammy, Rick, James, Katelyn, & Kristen

By:             Tammy Underwood

In honor of Scott, in memory of your sweet babies: Suzann, Robert, and James.  We will never forget.

By:             Jackie & Chris Natsch

Suzann, Robert, and James Stouffer – We’re so very sorry for your loss.  Best wishes to you and your family.  We’ll certainly miss Scott as well.  He was a great man and a great friend. Wyatt, Kristen, Joseph, Calvin, Sarah

By:             WYATT GROSS

By:             Rachel Spann

Janet Sugarman                         

By:             Edward Sugarman

Jamee Swartz                             

By:             Diane & Jim Swartz

Jonah Tannehill       

We will always remember you, Jonah. Everyone at Keough Chiropractic loves you <3

By:             Felicity Keough

Merry Christmas, Jonah. We love and miss you a little more every year. <3 Aunt J.J. & Aunt Johna

By:             Jade Van Pelt

Declan Theodore Tremblay                        

By:             Laurie & Jason Tremblay

Eric Norbert Tuzov                    

By:             Nikita Tuzov

Natalie Rose Watson                 

Healing prayers and support.  Love to Natalie, Char

By:             Charlotte Langenfeld

Charles Webb                             

By:             Harry & Michelle Webb

Tess Welker                                

By:             Brian Welker

Kaiden & Kennedy Wengler     

From Aunt Carol, Aunt Charlene, Grandma & Tracy

By:             Carol Drummond

Jameson Michael Winter          

We are glad to know sweet Jameson is in heaven, smiling on us all 🙂 Much love to him and his mommy Abby, daddy Greg, and big brother August!

By:             Angela Cohen

Colin Wombacher    

Even though we never met you, we miss you sweet, little boy.

By:             Thomas Wombacher

Nicholas Ybarra                         

By:             Amy & Bob Ybarra

Alaina Rose                                

By:             Tim and Sue Green


By:             S Brady

All the Little Ones                      

By:             Lee & Christine Rigg

Autumn Grace & Lauren Elizabeth                              

By:             Christy & Eric Mareshie

Baby A & Baby B     

We miss you, Love, Mom, Dad, Ki, Luke and Bee

By:             Brian Johnson

Baby Jack                                   

By:             Jack Granger

Caroline Grace                           

By:             Greta Frazier

Our Precious Benjamin            

You are ALL always close in our hearts.

By:             Rosalie Maimone & Craig Medwick

Wesley and Matthew                                   

By:             Michael Bielamowicz


Our three lost babies.               

We hope this donation helps provide comfort to those suffering from losses such as ours and that they will find strength from the services that Share provides for coping with that grief. With love, Eric and Susan

By:             Susan Flipp



In Honor  Of:

Charlie Johnson                        

By:             Sharon Rue Lewis

Katie Johnson          

So proud of the Mommy that you are!

By:             Gerri & Dan Kostecki

Rocio Llamas                             

By:             Jamie Marolt

Michael Brown Marbach           

Happy Birthday Michael –  we love you and miss you so much!

By:             Anne Riek

Michael & Debbie Maurer                           

By:             Marilynn Maurer

Hope Elizabeth Moriarty                             

By:             Mary & Frank Moriarty

Harriet & Greta Nielsen                               

By:             Tina Nielsen

Marshall George Reid                                 

By:             Ann Glosecki

Sarah Shumate        

Sarah, may this gift on your behalf and in honor of you brighten your day, and bring hope for even brighter days ahead for you. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. With all my love, Eric

By:             Eric Shumate

Jessica Thomas       

We Love You

By:             Anna Phillips



Thank You…


Mark & Cindy Barada

Rudy Beck

Patti Budnik

First Capitol Lions Club

Debbie & Jim Cochran

Sharon & Barry Covington

Carol & Terry Elmendorf

Jordan English

Tom and Marlene Evans

Susie, This is a great choice for helping others. – Jack & Noreen Flipp

Mark & Betty Fuller

Suzanne & James Gallatin

Mark Gelsthorpe

Laura Gerding

Shelly Glew

Dianna & Michael Glowczwskie

Nicole Gonzalez

Anita Goodlow

Maureen Guffey

Candice Hertlein

Linda & Clyde Hewitt

Sara & James Higgins

Richard Hollander

Karen & Kevin Jackson

Michael Jankowski

Sarah Johnson

Bob Juergens

Michele Kennedy

David & Josephine Kiefer

Eunice Klaas

Leah Krzanowski

Stephanie Kurtzman

Daniel Lafleur

Jane LaGreca

Jamesine Lamb, OSF

Catherine Lammert

Nancy Lane

Angela & Robert Laurence

Ann & Frank Lehmann

Linda Leindecker

Angela Lohaus

Lauren Long

Linda Meierhoff

Karen Mumm

Tammy Olson

Susan Petzel

Dena Peyster

Julie Picco

Heather Preston

Laura Richter

Donating on behalf of Brenda Grote. – Ellen Riggle

Chris Roberdeau

Megan & Jason Rowekamp

Keegan Rush

Karyn Sampson

David and Jamie Sauerburger

Terry Schlansker

Melissa Shapiro

Andrew Tanis

Heather Watson

Mary Wigge

Dan & Lauren Williams

Lucy Wood

Karen & Jack Zerr

Richard Zuch

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