December 2019 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:

All the Little Ones                                                                            

By:             Christine & Lee Rigg

All who have suffered this loss                                                     

By:             Ronald and Ursula Hall

Baby A & Baby B                                                                             

By:             Brian Johnson

Baby Grace                                                                     

Thinking of you at this time and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

By:             Barbara & Robert Callanan

Francis and Zoe                                                             

We love you all. Hugs being sent your way, from J, S & A

By:             Jen Underwood

Hope Elizabeth                                                                                 

By:             Kathy Scruggs

Jackson and Sofie                                                                           

By:             Karen Greenfield


Always remembered and forever in our hearts

By:             Michelle Schuamcher

Kathleen Felicity “Kit”                                                                    

By:             Karen Greenfield

Lauren & Emma                                                                               

By:             Susan Smith

Michele Grace and baby Sibling                                  

On Giving Tuesday and everyday. With love, the Cadys

By:             Danielle Cady

Natalie Rose                                                                                     

By:             Karen Greenfield

Our twin daughters Mira and Sadie                                              

By:             Amy and Kevin Brown

Ruby, Iris, and Olive                                                                        

By:             Karen Greenfield


By:             Alyssa DeSantis

Wesley and Matthew                                                                       

By:             Michael and Andrea Bielamowicz

Owen Michael Backer                                                   

Owen Michael Backer, our dear son and brother

By:             Julie Backer

Emily Claire Bambenek                                                

Thank you to Share for allowing me a safe and compassionate space to grieve the loss my daughter, Emily Claire Bambenek, born still on June 21, 2019. I’m forever grateful to both your resources and your Facebook support page.

By:             Callie Bambenek

Jason Anthony Bartow                                                 

In loving memory of Angel, Jason Anthony

By:             Deborah and Steve Banko

Benjamin Robert Battas                                                                 

By:             Marci Yount

Presley Janae Beach                                                     

We will always love and miss you.

By:             Sharon Beach

Adalyn Rose Belter                                                       

Dear Addy, We love and miss you more than you know. Love, Mom, Dad, Brenden, Delaney, and Riley

By:             Julie Belter

Isaiah Berges                                                                                   

By:             Karen Greenfield

Griffin Louis Brase                                                                          

By:             Merlene & Ben Jeffries

Leah Michelle Bristol                                                                      

By:             Jennifer Hicks

Joshua Bruenning                                                                           

By:             Carol & Steve Jasper

By:             Jan & Bob Jerden

Joseph William Carter                                                                     

By:             Deborah & William Carter

Alexander Castillo                                                                           

By:             Susan Woodard

Andrew Chamberlain                                                                      

By:             Marilyn & Donald Chamberlain

Rosemary Alice & Maggie Cronin                               

To my grand dollies Rosemary Alice & Maggie Cronin; you will always be in my heart.

By:             Julie Sheridan

Andrew D’Auria                                                                                

By:             Raymond D’Auria

Ellen Elizabeth Dennigmann                                        

By:             Linda Thebeau

Rowan Louis Douglas                                                                     

By:             Sean & Rachel Douglas

Eliza Taylor Duckworth                                                 

Thinking of Eliza and how proud she is of her sisters, Caroline, Colette and Genevieve.

By:             Dean and Peggy Baker

Anastasia Duffy                                                             

In memory of Nora’s beautiful sister. We love you and are praying for you all. The Brockmeiers

By:             Kara Brockmeier


Love to the entire family, you are in our thoughts.

By:             Donald DeNatale

With love and deep condolences,Bev and Mike

By:             Beverly LaFata

This donation is in loving memory of Anastasia Duffy, aunt of Josephine Lafata. Your Heartprints tribe loves you, Nora!

By:             Lauren Schuessler

In loving memory of my sweet and beautiful niece.  Forever in my heart and prayers.

By:             Karla Stauder

In memory of a wonderful young lady.

By:             Mark Franken

Stasia Duffy and Josie LaFata                                     

We will always keep Stasia and her beloved niece Josie in our hearts. With love and deepest sympathy, Your Stauder cousins

By:             Samantha Palmer

Kathryn Ann Ewald                                                                         

By:             Missy & Jeff Ewald

Liam Aaron Finney                                                        

We love you, Liam!  Grandpa & Grandma

By:             Gary Weishaar


Lynsie Helen Fishman                                                                    

By:             Cynthia Layton

Noah Florian                                                                                     

By:             Christopher Hoey

Jessica Fry                                                                     

Thinking of our little angels celebrating with Jesus himself on His birthday.  We love you great big whole bunch!

By:             Rebecca Williams

Nathan Gamerman                                                                          

By:             Laura & David Pels

Sebastion Garcia                                                                             

By:             GP and RY Garcia

Aidan Robert Gard                                                                          

By:             Nadia and Robert Gard

Ben Gelsthorpe                                                                                

By:             Cynthia Gelsthorpe

Remi Isabella Goebel                                                                      

By:             Kim Goebel

By:             Kecia Therion

Jack Andrew Granger II                                                                  

By:             Isma Granger

Obed Warren Groggett                                                                    

By:             Dee Ledger

Claire Conroy Guckes                                                                     

By:             Pamela Wilkerson

Andrew Daniel Hampes                                                                  

By:             Anita Hampes

Baby Hanner                                                                  

Baby Hanner, what we wouldn’t give to have met and held you. As our first nephew, you will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Love, Uncle Jeff & Aunt Teresa

By:             Teresa & Jeff Clauss

Audrey Lynn Harris                                                                         

By:             Heather Harris

Mason Harris                                                                                    

By:             Jim & Lisa Hannon

Caroline Henry                                                                                 

By:             Brian & Julia Henry

By:             Mary  Vancil

Ridge Chappel Hneleski & Sophia Nance Chappel Vein            

Ridge & Sophia- We love and miss you everyday. Our Special babies in heaven and in our hearts, Love you forever.

By:             Robert Hneleski

Nicholas Matthew Huggins                                          

Love you and miss you every day, Nicholas Matthew!

By:             Margie & Matt Huggins

James Emerson Bradley Ishii                                      

Born Oct. 18, 2010, died Oct. 20, 2010. You live in our hearts and memories, Baby James!  Love always, Mom and Dad

By:             Hope Ishii

Rachel Jaar                                                                     

Merry Christmas!  I love you!

By:             Sarah Mutchler

Lucas Nicolas Jenkerson                                             

Love you forever

By:             Mary Beth Jenkerson

Katie Kostecki Johnson                                                                 

By:             Gerri & Dan Kostecki

Madison Olivia Kaufman                                                                

By:             Sharon Kaufman

Audrey Hope Keinrath                                                                    

By:             Connie  Pirtle

Joy Koehl

Forever in our hearts, beautiful baby girl.  Our little angel shining bright in heaven. We celebrate you always.

By:             Jennifer Koehl


Madison Grace LaGreca                                               

Forever in our Hearts

By:             Jane LaGreca

Paxton Blayne Lamb                                                     

Paw Paw and Gammy love and miss you each and every day. Merry Christmas sweet boy.

By:             Mandi Lamb

Christopher Lammert                                                                      

By:             Catherine Lammert

Mary Liddy & deceased Baby                                      

By:             Carol Buck

Harriet & DeLeia Luck                                                                     

By:             DeAnne Luck

Jack Steven Lueckert                                                                      

By:             Mike and Carol Cook

Carson & Garrett Mann                                                                   

By:             Sandra  Whitener

Michael Marbach                                                            

Happy Heavenly Birthday Michael!  We love you always!  Love, Aunt Anne, Uncle Nick, Aiden & James

By:             Anne Riek

Joseph Michael Margherio                                                             

By:             Genevieve Margherio

By:             Michael Margherio

Landon Dallas McCartney                                                              

By:             Nicole Longenecker

Brianna Marie McGreal                                                 

We love and miss you our angel.

By:             Michael McGreal

Logan Alexander Merkle                                               

We love and miss you every day Little Buddy!

By:             Stephanie M Smith

Emma and Leo Morrissey                                             

Forever in Our Hearts.

By:             Lisa Morrissey

Dennis Charles “DC” Mueller and Kohler Euson Mueller          

Dear Sweet Babes,You are so loved by your family. We miss both of you and think of you constantly.  We will all be reunited one day in Heaven.GaGa and PaPa Mark

By:             Lisa Sievers

Colton Christopher Natsch                                                            

By:             Jackie Natsch

Christmas and everyday, Always in our hearts. Love, Grammy & Pops

By:             Joan Natsch

Jonah Naylor                                                                                    

By:             Martin Culp



Marley Neville                                                                                   

By:             Roy Burch

Happy Birthday my sweet angel. Always in our hearts

By:             Alisa Osborne

Paige Newberry                                                                                

By:             Cheryl & Ronald Fauquher

Isabella Jean Heimann Nunes                                                       

By:             Wendy Heimann

Theodore Noah Okeson                                                                  

By:             Victoria Okeson

Arch Olsen                                                                      

We are so sorry for your loss. Pensions & Investments

By:             Amy Resnick

Owen Christopher Paganini                                                           

By:             Dixie Mansker

Michael Jr. & Angelique Price                                                        

By:             Erika Becker Price

Luke “Nut” Prindle                                                                          

By:             Emily Burton

Amanda Nicole Rasmussen                                                           

By:             Carma & Randy Rasmussen

Amy Noel Rathsam                                                                          

By:             Glee Huddlestun

By:             Sharon & Larry Rathsam

Joshua Mirkay Redington                                                              

By:             Melissa Redington

Forever on our minds and in our hearts.

By:             Michael Redington

Victoria Clare Reed                                                                         

By:             Mariann and Richard Wedel

Charlie Rojano                                                               

Always in our hearts. We love you!

By:             Christine Alexander

Charlotte Rosenburg                                                     

In memory of your angel. With love and support from your 9200 family.

By:             Jennifer Brombolich

Steffen Roth                                                                                     

By:             Diana & Ray Cheshire

Charley Rowekamp                                                                         

By:             Kathy & Bob Rowekamp

Olivia Jean Sampson                                                                      

By:             Karyn Sampson

William Schamel                                                                              

By:             Kirk & Maureen Richter

ODETTE SCHERBEL                                                                       

By:             RACHEL YOUNG

Rosemary Sheppard                                                                       

By:             Theresa  Miller

By:             Bill & Charmaine Sheppard

Chantal Luc Shirley                                                                         

By:             Francoise Shirley

Scott Shulman                                                                                 

By:             Jeanne & Robert Shulman

Alyssa Kay Smith                                                          

We love and miss you so much our angle in the sky. Merry Christmas Love Mom & Dad

By:             Amy Smith

Mindy & John Spencer                                                                    

By:             Mary Kay Spencer

Jonah Michael Tannehill                                               

We miss and love you every day.

By:             Johna Van Pelt

We will always remember you, Jonah. Everyone at Keough Chiropractic loves you <3

By:             Felicity Keough

Emmanuel Tokarsky                                                     

Drew, Katie, Graham, Ezra, and Jonas: Remembering Emmanuel forever. Much love, Christa and boys

By:             Christa R Fistler

Natalie Rose Watson                                                                       

By:             Barry Dougherty

Hunter Charles Webb                                                                      

By:             Harry & Michelle Webb

Naomi Welker                                                                 

Dear Naomi We think of you daily and miss you. We know we can trust in the lord and will see you in heaven. You are in our hearts. Love, Uncle Peter and Aunt Grace

By:             Peter Winningham

Tess Welker                                                                                      

By:             Brian Welker

Baby Ewing                                                                    

In memory of baby Ewing, child of Scott and Courtney Ewing, 2019.

By:             Ben Ewing

In Honor of:

Sharon Rathsam

For all of your hardwork

By:             Louise Roebke

Thank You…

The Dan Walkes and Tracy Koller Charitable Gift Fund

Deb Artman

Mark & Cindy Barada

Sam Brown

Patti Budnik

Rhoderick Burgess

John Capellupo

Debra Cochran

Nikki Cordosi

Sharon & Barry Covington

Rebecca Cronan

Haylee Crowley

Carol & Terry Elmendorf

Angie Farrell

Mark & Betty Fuller

Mark Gelsthorpe

Shelly Glew

Joan & Richard Heldorfer

Vicky and Dan Huesemann

Kevin Jackson

Katherine Johnson

Sarah Johnson

David & Josephine Kiefer

Jamesine Lamb, OSF

Sarah Lawrenz

Deborah Leaman

Frank and Ann Lehmann

Linda Leindecker

Lauren Long

Rosalie Maimone & Craig Medwick

Linda Meierhoff

Sandra Miller

Karen & Douglas Mumm

Alice Niger

Tammy Olson

Anna Parker

Twyla Powell

Jeanette Redman

Allison Riggs

Chris Roberdeau

Megan & Jason Rowekamp

Penny & Jim Stambaugh

Matt Stockmann

Shannon Stokes

Teresa Tate

Shannon & William Willhite

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