January and February 2020 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:


My daughter who died before I got to meet her – I love her and know she is resting in the arms of Jesus until we officially get to meet one day!

By:             Cassie Rohrbach

Baby Robin                                                                                       

By:             Susan & Leonard Craft

Cameron James                                                                               

By:             Chris Roberdeau

Caroline Grace                                                                                 

By:             Greta Frazier

Children me and my sister families lost                                       

By:             Anthony R Chavez

Memories for Morgan                                                                      

By:             Bob Reany


By:             Nancy Anton

Yerusalem Ruth                                                                               

By:             Pauline Herlihy

Aliya James Alaoui                                                        

Our thoughts and prayers are with the 3 of you at this difficult time – your friends in MO – Brian, Larry, Linda, Mike, Michele and Tiffany

By:             Michele Dimmick

Andrew D’Auria                                                                                

By:             Raymond D’Auria

Cal Cleveland                                                                                   

By:             Angela & Kyle Cleveland

Jess C. Cooper IV                                                                            

By:             Shawn Dennis

Claire Lynn DeBoor                                                                         

By:             Nicole DeBoor

Anastasia Mary Duffy                                                                      

By:             Lauren Schuessler

By:             Jon Schleuss

Caleb Leible                                                                                      

By:             Stacey & Bob Leible

Jack Vincent Lombardo                                                                  

By:             David R Dixon

Emmett Robert Kraus                                                                     

By:             Amber Kraus

Christina Minich                                                             

In memory of Tina

By:             Rebecca Reisinger

Baby Nelson                                                                   

Brigitte and Jay, All our love and support are with you at your heart-breaking loss. Love, Aunt Judy & Uncle Bill

By:             Judith Prather

Marley Caroline Neville                                                                   

By:             Teresa & David Andre

Matthew Rauch                                                                                

By:             Nancy & Bill Rauch

Paige Schuessler                                                                             

By:             Jamie Kuehl

By:             Lauren Schuessler

Lulu Schultz, Richard McShane & Gianna Petraitis                    

By:             Susan Schultz


Andrew James Stege                                                    

We love you, Mo Ma and Pa Pa

By:             Patricia & Keith Pallardy

Madelyn Thomas                                                                             

By:             Jamie Stucky

Jacob Thompson                                                           

I love you Daddy!!!

By:             Scott Thompson

Clayton Welsch                                                                                

By:             Sheldon & Marilyn Wettack

Jeffrey Zerr                                                                                       

By:             Karen & Jack Zerr


In Honor of:

Rachel Meyer                                                                                   

By:             Kathleen Keough

Thank You…

Rudy Beck

Michael Bowlan

Patti Budnik

Thuy Cannon

Christina Carpenter

Debra Cochran

Nikki Cordosi

Barb Donahue

Terrence Elmendorf

Barbara Fresenburg

Mark & Betty Fuller

Mark Gelsthorpe

Shelly Glew

Vicki & Mike Kiefer

Amber Kraus

James Lamberg

Sarah Lawrenz

Cathie Maddy

Christy & Eric Mareshie

Virginia Martin

Sally Ann McCrea

Bonnie Nockerts

Tammy Olson

Susan Petzel

Twyla Powell

David J. Reinhart

Chris Roberdeau

Chris Roedel

Megan & Jason Rowekamp

Katie Sadewasser

Emily Sill

Martha & Victor Silva

Penny & Jim Stambaugh

Olenna Tysiak-Bone

Dan & Lauren Williams

Wonderful Giving

Flip Give

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