June 2019 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:

Dorothy Arnold                                                                                

By:             Pauline Hessel

By:             Kathryn Landis

By:             Larry & Sue Burzynski, Jim & Anissa Pankey, Shirley Pankey, and Eulah Mae Abney

Ruby Alice Dattilo                                                                            

By:             Margaret Dattilo

By:             Tom & Ashley Zilla

Chase Elmendorf                                                                             

By:             Lynne Wuelling

Max Hengst                                                                                       

By:             Chris Sheehan

Tommy Henriksen                                                         

Thinking of you all xoxo

By:             Rachel Hauck


Audrey Hope Keinrath                                                                    

By:             Connie & Richard Pirtle

Colton Christopher Natsch                                          

Always with us, Love Granny and Pops

By:             Joan Natsch

Tisha VanBarneveld                                                                        

By:             SCOTT SHERWOOD

So saddened by Tisha’s death.  Thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

By:             Gary Biarsky

Amelia Jean                                                                    

Pink + Peach Co’s first annual donation. A portion of proceeds from every order in our first year. Given in memory of my beautiful, 9 pound, 41 week niece that passed on the day of her birth June 2, 2019.

By:             Grace Temple


In Honor of:


Debbie Cochran                                                             

Thanks to Debbie for all her years of hard work and service on behalf of Share!  You will be missed!

By:             Katie Johnson

Andrea Kroll                                                                                     

By:             Seymour and Dorine Kroll


Thank You…


Patti Budnik

Tracy Bulino

Jennifer Canbek

Debbie & Jim Cochran

Mark & Betty Fuller

Mark Gelsthorpe

Shelly Glew

Carol Hendry

Catherine Lammert

Sarah Lawrenz

Cathie Maddy

Twyla Powell

Chris Roberdeau

Megan & Jason Rowekamp

Dan & Lauren Williams

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