March 2020 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:

Avery & Charlie                                                                                

By:             Rachel Rojano

Hunter Charles                                                                                 

By:             Betsy Webb

Little Bean                                                                                        

By:             Megan Hill

Owen Charles Bell                                                                           

By:             Jennie Bell

Joshua Ryan Bruenning                                               

Happy 20th Birthday Joshua!

By:             Jan & Bob Jerden

Baby Brynildsen                                                                              

By:             Miranda Cowan

Baby Budnik                                                                   

For wherever it is needed

By:             Rosann Umhoefer

Andrew D’Auria                                                                                

By:             Raymond D’Auria

Benjamin G. Gelsthorpe                                                                 

By:             Glenda Botwinski

Scarlett Willow Gramley                                               

LeAnn & Austin, Our prayers and love go out to you for the heartache you have gone through bringing that sweet little angel into the world and then having to let  her go.  Our thoughts are with you all, Rick & Terese Michniok and Family

By:             Rick and Terese Michniok

Nathaniel Hansen                                                                            

By:             Jennifer Blahetka

York Benjamin Hendrix                                                                   

By:             LISA HENDRIX

Miles Kraus                                                                                       


Collin Wayne McGuire                                                                    

By:             Sondra McGuire

Ava Mary Mullins                                                                             

By:             Bridget Mullins

Will Matthew Nieman                                                     

In honor of our sweet baby boy.

By:             Lori Nieman

Immanuel Anthony Nuernberger and Baby Nuernberger                            

By:             Codi Nuernberger

Baby Q                                                                            

By:             Gabe Rubalcaba

Colden Reed                                                                                     

By:             Molly Baab

Charley Rowekamp                                                                         

By:             Megan Rowekamp

Gregory Barrett Sill                                                       

We will always love you sweet boy❤❤

By:             Jim Sill

Baby Smith                                                                                       

By:             Stephanie Acevedo

Jacob and Shawn Swain                                                                

By:             Cindy & Jason Swain



In Honor of:

Share Staff                                                                                        

By:             Brian & Julia Henry


Thank You…

Aetna Foundation

Patti Budnik

Rhoderick Burgess

Debra Cochran

Nikki Cordosi

Mark Denney

Kevin Dern

Carol and Terry Elmendorf

Melanie Field

Mark and Betty Fuller

Mark Gelsthorpe

Shelly Glew

Becky Hinkel

Katherine Jones

Amber Kraus

Pete Kuntz

Angela and Robert Laurence

Sarah Lawrenz

Cheryl and Al Moellenhoff

Tammy Olson

Susan Petzel

Connie  Pirtle

Hilary Pond

Twyla Powell

Chris Roberdeau

Scott Rutledge

Penny and Jim Stambaugh

Donald and Melinda Stock

Ronald and Kathleen Venhaus

Dan & Lauren Williams

Jennifer Yen

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