May 2017 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

Andrew D’Auria By: Raymond D’Auria

Andy Thornhill By: Karen Zerr

Angel O’Minee Elliott By: Taryn Foster

Anna Arb, Jackson Arb, Walter Arb By: Mark Beck; By: Lyn Castellano; By: Mark Labarge

Baby Sitarski By: Andrew Gnade

Baby Westerman By: Jessica Tyler

Caroline Stachula By: Karen Zerr

Carter John Kintz By: Mary Kintz

“Forever in our hearts. Love and miss you everyday. Nana and Grandpapa”

By: Candice Hertlein

Coleman Christopher Urzi By: Tracy Rembusch

“Gone but never forgotten.   Happy 6th Birthday, Coleman!

Lots of Love,

Pat, Tracy and Jordyn”

Debbie, Mike, and Juniper Lee Bennett

By: Laura Mahajan

“In honor of all of you, and all mothers and parents everywhere this Mother’s Day, especially those who have experienced loss.  We love you and are thinking of you. ~Laura&Akshay”

Donovan Mielke By: Dana L. Thul

Emilia June Tanis By: Andrew Tanis

Eowyn Gracelynn Tanamal By: Antonia Monareh

Giuliana By: Nicole Gonzalez

Hunter Charles Webb By: Betsy Webb

Hunter Kraft By: Heather Preston

Isabelle Francis LaFleur By: Daniel Lafleur

Joshua Mirkay Redington By: Nicholas Mirkay

Mason Harris By: Jim & Lisa Hannon

McKinley Rose Patton By: Cherie Erickson

My Lost Babies By: Rachel M. Berlin

Orlando Powers By: Mary Ann Budrovich

Patrick Quinn By: Tammy Quinn

“Beautifully well done benefit last night.  Thanks!”

Regan Maddy By: Cathie Maddy

Samuel Byers By: Betsy WebbSending your family love and prayers as you celebrate the memory of your precious son this year. #SomethingForSamuel2017

Sarah Blanchard By: Ronnie & Linda Blanchard

“In memory of our loving grand daughter.”

Seth Allen Watson By: Heather Watson

Sol, Lula, & Tres Williams By: Megan Williams

“I’m not sure how I would be coping with the loss of our 3 angels without your support & guidance. We are forever grateful for the Share Program.”

Tess Welker By; Brian Welker

Our sweet baby By: Clifford & Katie Pietrucha

“Since our baby cannot be with us on our wedding day, we wanted her to be as big a part as possible. In lieu of favors we wanted to donate in her honor.”

In Tribute To:

Michelle Westerman and Danielle Krispin

By: Katherine Walsh

“Thank you for the concert to Benefit Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Program”

Miquelina Hagedorn

By: Kathleen Hagedorn

Katie Willerick

Geri Grisham

Thank You for

Your Gifts!

Friends of Share

Wayne Alexander

Sharon Anderson

Rick and Beth Andrews

Jessica Belobrajdic

Lisa Bridgewater

Patti Budnik

Nicole Cancellaro

Emma Cecchin

Laura Challen

Susan Charest

Laura Cocat

Debbie Cochran

Glenn Coker

Mike Cole

Janine and Allan Deiermann

Dana Dhom

Erin Doyle

Amy Dunbar

Tom and Marlene Evans

Hastings Family

Warty Family

Mark Fuller

Patrick Gan

Kathy Garazin

Crystal Gatewood

Mark & Ronda & Jackson Gelsthorpe

Jennifer Haake

Colleen Hiles

Becky Hinkel

Kathy Holmberg

Vicky and Dan Huesemann

Sarah Huff

Tangie Jenkins

Leslie Johnson

Chelsea & Arturas Kalnenas

David Kiefer

Vicki Kiefer

Laura Klemm

Kristi Korb

Jamesine Lamb, OSF

Rob Lang

Liz & Don Larsen

Angela Laurence

Sarah Lawrenz

Lisa Long

Jennifer Makara

Mike Margherio

Jane Marschner

Janeese Martin

Mitch McCuiston

Mom and Dad McCuiston

Diane McKillip

Rebecca Meisinger

Christina and Justin Messerschmidt

Cheryl Moellenhoff

Josie Moffitt

Tammy Olson

Melissa Pero and Family

Susan Petzel

Meaghan Rettke

Megan Rowekamp

Laura Samper

Lydia Schleichert

Christie Schmuke

Shannon Sebastian

Sharon Sharp

Emily Sill

Thomas Simmons

Jim Thiess

John, Jenny, Brayden, and Olivia Vukelich

Renee Vukelich

Mary Wagener

Becky Wagner

Stephanie Wallace

Sandra Westerman

Amanda Jo Whann

Eugene Wibbenmeyer

Dan & Lauren Williams

Peg & Joe Wysocki

Lisa Zorn

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