November 2018 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:

Owen Charles Bell                     

By:             Jennie Bell

Andrew Paul Bucaro                 

Our grandson in heaven, loved by us.

By:             Cheryl Heck

Ellen Elizabeth Dennigmann                      

By:             Linda Thebeau

Eroll Dory

Forever in our hearts

By:             Marcy & Sean Dory

Eliza Taylor Duckworth             

Thinking of Eliza and her wonderful family.

By:             Peggy & Dean Baker

Travis Wesley Glennon                               

By:             Korey Banaszynski

By:             Stephanie Burgos

By:             Colleen Burkemper

By:             Jill Cobb

By:             Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cunningham

By:             Al and Cathy Dedecker

By:             David Duer

By:             Steven and Erin Elmore

By:             Mike and Tina Flesner

By:             Laura and Matt Kuhlmann

By:             Merretta and Ronald Neider

By:             Catherine Newman

By:             John Patterson

By:             Lisa Pigg

By:             Joe and Katie Sadewasser

By:             Korey Schroeder

By:             Renee Strotkamp

By:             Alison Tanurchis

By:             Gerald and Debra Wiegmann

By:             Toni Woodson

By:             Brenda and Steve Grote

Abigail Ann Graham

My angel watching over us daily. Thank you for sending us your little brother.

By:             Ashley Long

Nathan Anthony Grillo              

Nathan is with us in spirit-our guardian angel

By:             Vicky Grillo

Drew Hall

We lost our baby this year, and to honor their memory, we are donating to 3 charities. We appreciate the work you do for families like ours.

By:             BISA HALL

Mason Harris                              

By:             Jim & Lisa Hannon

James Emerson Bradley Ishii  

We love you and miss you, Baby Jamie!

By:             Hope Ishii


Charlotte Olivia Jividen & Harper Paige Jividen       

In Loving Memory of two beautiful butterflies. That left such a lasting impression on their Mommy and Daddy’s heart. A true love that will last until they all meet again.

By:             Sarah Tepovich

Marcelyn “Marcie” Julian         

Our deepest sympathies to Megan and Chris Graville and family

By:             Dean and Fran Waldemer

By:             Timothy Devereux

By:             Laura Fortenbury

By:             Susan Sheffey

The Kiefer Babies                      

By:             Joyce & Ken Budt

William Klein            

Ben and Katie, We’re so sorry for the loss of William.  Sending you both love from Connecticut.  Love,Sara & Nick

By:             Nicholas and Sara Perkins

Christian & Johnathan Mutchler                                  

By:             Rachel Jaar

Everly Nolan             

Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers. There are no words for this heartbreak.

By:             M. Karen Gromada

Matthew Ommen                        

By:             Melissa Grafton

Ryan Plattus             

We are so thankful for SHARE…Hilary and Jeff Plattus-

By:             Hilary Plattus

Claire Catherine Schoonover                     

By:             Charlene Werling

Gregory Barrett Sill                   

By:             Emily Sill

Emmanuel Thomas Tokarsky  

We love you Emmanuel, Drew, Katie, Graham, Ezra, and Baby T!  Love, Christa, Matt, Luke, Christian, and Henry

By:             Christa R Fistler

Grace Pearl Utz        

With warmest love for Grace, her parents, and her soon-arriving sister.

By:             Laura Oberkfell

Baby Wolfe                                 

By:             Jamie Wolfe

Parker Jacob Zanin 

In loving memory of my son, Parker Jacob Zanin, stillborn on February 27, 2018.

By:             Danielle C Zanin

Claire Marie              

Birthday love #30

By:             Joan & Kirk Dalgaard

Everly Joy                 

In memory of our niece, who was born still.

By:             Jennifer Dodenhoff


Jake and Lydia, We love and miss Henry and the other two babies you lost this past year. Love,Mom and Dad, Beth and Dave, Andrew and Bethany

By:             Susan and Steve Roy

Jude Dona                

We will remember you always, in memory of our grandson.

By:             Linda Wenger, RN


Giving Tuesday. Hope this is matched!

By:             Suzanne Phillips

In Honor  Of:

Debbie Toney           

For all you do!

By:             Barb Grosch

Lisa Zorn 

Thank you Lisa Zorn for all you do for these families

By:             Marigrace & John Clarke

Thank You…


Jenna Besserman

Patti Budnik

John Capellupo

Debbie & Jim Cochran

Charles Corr

Melissa Daniel

Mark & Betty Fuller

Mark Gelsthorpe

Shelly Glew

Steven Kelce

Erica Kohnen

Catherine Lammert

Jeff Mason

Tammy Olson

Anna Parker

Susan Petzel

Chris Roberdeau

Megan & Jason Rowekamp

Kerin Sancken

Michelle Schuamcher

James & Debra Smith

Nancy Spargo

Shannon Willhite

Dan & Lauren Williams

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