November 2019 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:

Joshua Ryan Bruenning                                                                 

By:             Patt Zagotta

By:             James Jerden

By:             Jerry Jerden

By:             Bunny Winkler

Travis Wesley Glennon                                                                   

By:             Amanda Swallow

By:             Larry Cunningham

By:             Robert and Barbara Hutichson

By:             Gerald and Debra Wiegmann

In Memory of your precious baby boy.

By:             Laurey and Jeff Crouch

By:             Blake and Michelle Hutchcraft

Baby Luebbers                                                               

Always in our hearts and prayers

By:             Thad Luebbers

Denim Kash Rogers                                                                        

By:             Loletia Causey

Jordyn Tyse-Dallas Sander                                                            

By:             Jonathan Bair

By:             Katherine Bluemel

By:             Christine Brouk

By:             Christine Brouk

By:             Anna Gullick

By:             Kimberly Manis

By:             James Mueller

By:             Michelle Riddle

By:             Dennis Sander

By:             Joseph Varrone

By:             Jenni Woodland

Rosemary Sheppard                                                     

In loving memory of a special woman. Cindy and family, wishing you love, light, and many blessings, Love, Mom

By:             Beverly Swain

Gregory Sill                                                                    

Happy Birthday Gregory

By:             Emily Sill

Tadhg Lee Stanton                                                                          

By:             Mia Bulifa Colorado Health Institute

Jamee Swartz                                                                                   

By:             Diane Swartz

Baby Yaddof                                                                                     

By:             Stephanie Bodden

Ezlyn Mae

In honor of your sweet daughter.

By:             Holly-Marie Bolger



Thank You…


Patti Budnik

First Capitol Lions Club

Debra Cochran

Kevin Fisher

Jason Foust

Mark and Betty Fuller

Teresa & Patick Gavin

Mark Gelsthorpe

Stephanie Kurtzman

Erik Lawrenz

Jerome Lawrenz

Sarah Lawrenz

Twyla Powell

David J. Reinhart

Chris Roberdeau

Chris Roedel

Race Roster

Megan & Jason Rowekamp

Keegan Rush

Martha & Victor Silva

Penny & Jim Stambaugh

Mary Wigge

Dan & Lauren Williams

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