October 2018 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:


Caleb Michael Akers

We know your looking over us.

By:             Suzanne Husby


Brooke Barbeau                         

By:             Terri Bekebrede


Gregory Barrett                          

By:             Donna Wiltsie


Kennedy Beaver      

In memory of Kennedy during Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

By:             Justin Fredericksen


Owen Bell

Lifting you all up in thoughts and prayers this Pregnancy and Infant loss month. Jennie, your faith, strength and ability to lean on God amazes me. I am thankful to call you a friend.  Love, The Lemasters

By:             Rebecca Lemasters


Benjamin Bilpush                      

By:             William & Suzanne Payne


Benjamin Gerard Bilpush and Sydney Bilpush         

In loving memory of your sweet baby boy, Benjamin and your precious baby girl, Sydney.

By:             Angela Uhrig


Andrew D’Auria                          

By:             Anonymous


Travis Wesley Glennon                               

By:             Leah Herschler


Bianca Josephine Hoelner       

Thinking of you, Love you.   Mom & Dad

By:             JoAnn & Richard Vetter


Jagger Jones                             

By:             5 J RANCH


Carter Kintz                                

By:             Candice Hertlein


Aaron Ryan Kohn                      

By:             Ina Drexler


Continue to think of you, Jana. Love & AOE.

By:             Colleen Johnson


Ben Kroll                   

By:             Sheila Kunitz


Jack Steven Lueckert                                  

By:             Mike and Carol Cook

By:             Edith Lueckert


Joseph Michael Margherio                         

By:             Mike Margherio


Evan Matthew Michaud             

A special boy who is forever in our hearts.

By:             Kelly Schneider


Bridgette Elise Owens              

Happy 13th Birthday, Bridgette.  Always remembered and in our heart forever.

By:             Gary & Mary Warner


Griffin Pudwell         

In honor of Griffin’s first heavenly birthday.

By:             Marin Moder


Marshall George Reid               

Please accept our heartfelt sympathy, Your friends at Girl Scouts of Central Illinois


Claire Catherine Schoonover   

Wish we could have been there to walk with you.  Love you both, Uncle Dale & Aunt Charlene

By:             Charlene Werling


Gregory Barrett Sill                   

By:             Jim Sill


Cameron Joseph Walters                           

By:             Vernitta Walters


Baby ACH                                   

By:             Rasheema Delapena


Baby Isabella Marie 

Baby Isabella will be forever in your hearts.

By:             Donna Wilke


Liliana Hooper          

Fly fast baby girl!

By:             Abigail Hooper


Regina and Hunter                    

By:             Heather Preston



By:             Adriana Sablan


In memory of my lost babies   

By:             Rachel M. Berlin




In Honor  Of:


Bob Jerden                                 

By:             David Christian

By:             Jerry & Debbie Jerden

By:             Harold Layton

By:             Megan Layton

By:             Mike and Karen Mispagel

By:             Bob & Mary Rosenberg

By:             Patt Zagotta


Happy Birthday, Jerden.

By:             Bob & Sue Engblom


Andrea and Adam Kroll            

In honor of your 15th Wedding Anniversary

By:             Seymour and Dorine Kroll


Beau Michael Spring                 

We love you baby Beau! God Bless You!

By:             Elizabeth Buchheit


Love our little Beau, Happy Baptism.  Love Pawpee and Grandma

By:             John & Mary Ann Spring


By:             Terri Spring


In honor of Beau Michael Spring’s Baptism.  Wishing you a lifetime of knowing the love of our Lord and also knowing how much we love you!

By:             Linda & Dennis Craft

Thank You…


Benjamin Akers

Robin Andrews

Rachel M. Berlin

Tom and Lorraine Bond

Stefanie Boron

Laura Bromwich

Christine Brouk

Sam Brown

Samantha Brown

Patti Budnik

Brit and Rod Buffington

Christina Carpenter

Opal Chaudhary

Mary Ciccaroni

Debbie & Jim Cochran

Tracee Cohen

Vanessa and Matt Colman

Katelyn Deffendall

Karen Desjardins

Jeff & Michelle Dossett

Michelle Drew Rodriguez

Carol Edgar

Cherie Erickson

William Evans

Ashley Fanz

Rachel and Bill Fiely

Michelle Forst

Mark & Betty Fuller

Teresa & Patrick Gavin

Laura Giebler

Amy Goldstein

Gretchen Goodall

Cara Harris

Rick Hendricks

Debi & Mark Hickerson

D L Hudson

Marilyn Iannazzo

Holly Kaelin

Robert Kelson

Kristin Klein

Molly Klope

Valerie Kniffen

Andrea Kroll

Jamesine Lamb, OSF

Catherine Lammert

Nancy Lane

Sarah Lawrenz

Kevin LeGrand

Sheryl Lipnick

Cathie Maddy

Kandis McClure

Mary Murphy

Rachel Nosnik

Tammy Olson

Tessa Overby

Sujal Patel

Meghan Payne

Susan Petzel

Lara Port

Alexandria Probst

David J. Reinhart

Justin Rickerson

Chris Roberdeau

Chris Roedel

Carrie Rose

Megan & Jason Rowekamp

Keegan Rush

Allison Russo

Dennis Sander

Barrie Scher

Angie Schrock Snyder

Emily Scott

Maria Shapiro

Patti Shaw

Mallory Sidarous

Lisa Sievers

Martha& Victor Silva

Erin Smith

Lauren Smith

Marikay Speckert

Deanna Stuart

Sheri Styles

Molly Surman

Nora Tarte

Cinda Thornberry

Nathan Thorton

Tony Torrente

Heather Van Hecke

Mary Wagener

Wade & Betsy Weinel

Dan & Lauren Williams

Jenni Woodland

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