October 2019 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of:

Raegan Olivia Azevedo             

We love you Raegan!  Love, Uncle Nick & Tio Roger

By:             Nick Margarite

Benjamin Bilpush                      

By:             William  & Suzanne Payne

Michaela Marie Coombs           

Michaela Marie Coombs 11-26-2002

By:             Frances Besancenez

Andrew D’Auria                          

By:             Raymond D’Auria

Chase Ryan Elmendorf                               

By:             Carol  and Terry Elmendorf

Owen Fabel               

Katie, Joe, & Wyatt…there are no words to express our sorrow, but know that we love you and Owen now and forever.

By:             Tina & Anthony Gutilla

Baby Fallon              

We love you and are always thinking of you and your incredible parents ❤

By:             Shai Vander

Ellie Fox                    

By:             Caroline Emery

William Gilbert                           

By:             Luke DeVries

Ella Flores Gold       

Daniel and Sofia – Our deepest condolences on the passing of your precious daughter Ella Flores.  Our hearts grieve with you at this most difficult time.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families.  Hugs and love, Susan and Craig Silver

By:             Susan Silver


By:             Tammy Kremer

Paxton Blayne Lamb                 

You’re one of Heaven’s angels now, a perfect little star. And when you shine the world can see how beautiful you are.

By:             Kathy Berry

Jack Steven Lueckert                                  

By:             Edith Lueckert

Jonah Naylor                              

By:             Martin Culp

Alex Peel                   

By:             Michael Blackert

Baby Q    

Dear Baby Q, Although we never had the chance to meet you in person, we want to thank you for having such a great impact on our lives. Showing us how precious a life can be, we wanted to honor your existence with this donation to help others in need. It will remain a mystery of how great of a life you would have led, but when we look at your two amazingly beautiful, kind and caring sisters, we can’t help but wish your stay on this earth would have outlasted ours. Although sometimes emotionally painful, we want to continue to keep you in our memories and honor you through this annual donation. We love you, we are thankful for you and we will never forget you. Happy 5th Birthday, Baby Q!  Love, Mom, Dad, Sofia, Penelope and Ollie (WOOF!)

By:             Gabe Rubalcaba

Charley Rowekamp 

By:             Jim Hield

Lennon Rubin          

In memory of Lennon Rubin. Your short life has touched more people than you will ever know.

By:             Ashley Sweeney

Claire Catherine Schoonover   

Love, Uncle Dale & Aunt Charlene

By:             Charlene Werling

Rosemary Sheppard                 

By:             Greg Banden

I’m so sorry for the loss of your mom.  May you and your family have many blessings of comfort during this time of grief.

By:             Alison Fogarty

Rest In Peace

By:             Karen Kilkenny

Please accept this in memory of Rosemary Sheppard

By:             Kevin Kilkenny

By:             Catherine Lammert

By:             Suzanne Puricelli

By:             Bill & Charmaine Sheppard

Amanda, Jessica, Michael & Daniel Taraba               

Our little angels are in our hearts always. God Bless you all.

By:             Joan Brauer

Colin Daniel Williams                                  

By:             Dan & Lauren Williams


By:             Jacqueline Bynum


Grandma and Grandpa DIerkes love you Isaac Dierkes

By:             Betty Dierkes

Little ones everywhere                                

By:             Us and Kids Talen

Rosemary and Maggie                                

By:             Hayley Mirek


In Honor Of:


50th Anniversary of Bob & Jan Jerden    

Happy 50th Anniversary, Bob & Jan!

By:             Mary Thien

The 50th Anniversay of Bob & Jan Jerden                

Happy 50th Anniversary, Bob & Jan!

By:             John Thien



Thank You…


Elise Abramson

Lynn Arenson

Bill and Andrea Barnett

Laura & Rodney Bickel

Anne and Mike Blind

Emily Boeckmann

Bob and Ann Bonnell

Patti Budnik

Mona Cafazza

Jennifer Canbek

Christina Carpenter

Nicholas Childress

Sarah Childress

Michele & Chad Cleveland

Debra Cochran

Connie Cockerel

Nikki Cordosi

Fatima Dadabhoy

Linda Daniels

Adah Dooley

Michelle Dossett

Terrence Elmendorf

Ashley Feco

Rene Feser

Kathleen Frey

Mark and Betty Fuller

Customink Fundraising

Mark Gelsthorpe

Torie Gettinger

Shelly Glew

Elizabeth Goad

Nancy Green-Doran

Cynthia Hoffecker

Glenda Holman

Richard & Lucia Huonker

Suzanne Husby

Mike Irey

Patricia Jenkins

Danielle Johnson

Jane Jones

Kim Jones

Rebekah Katzenberger

Rod and Lori Kennard

Cindy Kirschke

Valerie Kniffen

James Lamberg

Sarah Lawrenz

Marianne McVey

Chris Miller

Anne Nestor

Cathy Nestor

Twyla Powell

5J Ranch

Bob Reany

Nathan Render

Stephanie Riechers

Chris Roberdeau

Debbie Roberts

April Rodenborn

Megan & Jason Rowekamp

Keegan Rush

Douglas Sawicki

Anita Schneider

Dan Showmaker

Chris Smith

Penny Stambaugh

Molly Surman

Jerry Thomas

Terri Turner

Nik Tuzov

Melissa and Andy Vien

Becca Watkins

Tyler, Kim, & Kids White

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