September 2017 Gifts: In Memory Of…

Each month, families and friends have the opportunity to donate to Share “In Memory Of” the baby or babies they have lost. This month we honor and remember the names listed below.

In Memory Of: 

Faith, Hope, and Aspen                         

By:            Nicole Sneesby


Charles Benjamin Baker                      

By:            Pam and Paul Harris


Maureen Dennis                    

By:            Karen and Jerry Spies


Nathan Gamerman                                

By:            Laura Pels


Travis Wesley Glennon                         

By:            Brenda Grote


You are in my thoughts and prayers.

By:            Sharon Hyde


Edward Hasenstab                                  

By:            Erin McDermott


Caleb J Leible                           

By:            Linda Leible


Jack Steven Lueckert                             

By:            Edith Lueckert


Colton Christopher Natsch 

You are always in our hearts.

By:            Emiy Degenhardt


Stephen Miles Springer II and our Angel Baby                

“Our hearts are full of sadness and tears, but our memories are full of Steve’s laughter and smiles reminding us of all the good times we shared through the years!  Rest peacefully with our angel baby for a blissful eternity.  All our love Jess and Aiden”

By:            Jessica Seeley


Marty Stauder     

In loving memory of Marty Stauder

By:            Margaret Waterman


Dr. Lois Sugarman                                  

By:            Alice Niger

By:            Frances Roberts

By:            Eleanor Sears


Corey J Swinney                     

By:            Chris Swinney


Baby Thomas        

You are so loved!

By:            Giuliangela Rosato


Tate Zimmer                           

By:            Joey Zimmer



Thank You…


The Adkison’s

Barbeau Family

Cathy Bax

Uncle Bill

Deborah Bruns

Patti Budnik

Jeff Bullock

Marty Campbell

Tina Carr

Donald Carter

Debbie Cochran

Sam Collier

Candace Counts

Haylee Crowley

Leah Davis

Diana Dell

Debbie Ebner

Cherie Erickson

Mark Fuller

Mark Gelsthorpe

Gretchen Goodall

Judy Greene

Kendall and Garret Guthrie

Jennifer Hesselbach

Kyle Hirsch

LaTosha Jones

Sherry Kampelman

Darryl Kessler

Molly Klope

Julie Ledford

Stacey Leible

Linda Leindecker

Abby Loveless

Lindsay Luebehusen

Dan McLaughlin

Lynda McLean

Mealey Family

Rob Miller

Alisha Mills

Andrea Morris

Jerry & Karen Mueller

Terrence O’Leary

Tammy Olson

Heidi Parrott

Laurie Peacock

Susan Petzel

Kelly Reis

John Richardson

Todd Richardson

Joe Rodriguez

Megan Rowekamp

Jill Scanlon

James Schuessler

Tim & Kim Schuessler

Amanda Shull

Kate Smith

Sharon Umbdenstock

Sarah & John Urbanski

Mary Wagener

Emily Ware

Desley Wells

Andrew Williams

Dan & Lauren Williams

Doug Yocco

Nina Zoltanski

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