Walking to Remember

By: Kendra Goldman

I first heard about the Share Walk on October 12th, 2016 while visiting the website. This was 2 days before I was scheduled for a D&C for my second miscarriage.

The day of my D&C, I wanted to talk with my doctor to see if the walk would be something I’d be able to do. He said as long as I didn’t over exhaust myself and took it easy, he wasn’t concerned.

When I first walked up to Frontier Park the morning of October 15th, 2016, I was in awe of what I saw. There were hundreds of people in purple and white shirts. We found out, being a bereaved parent, you were in a colored shirt for that specific year. We were not alone in our heartache.

My husband and I registered so that our babies would be acknowledged and, luckily enough, there were still shirts available.

As the ceremony started, I saw a few women in purple and pregnant. I felt a sense of hope in that. There were children supporting their lost siblings, whether younger or older. There were over 500 names read aloud of babies lost. I was so overwhelmed. I reached out to the organization and started volunteering. I felt like the voice of women needed to be louder to make miscarriages not as taboo. I thought being involved would help.

Fast forward a year and I was now one of the women pregnant expecting my rainbow in January and wearing a shirt remembering my lost little ones. I believe this is something my family will do every year to make sure our little ones, wherever they may be, know they are in our hearts and on our minds.

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