A Distinguished Caregiver

A distinguished caregiver offering the gift of oneself to make a difference.

His Story

CaregiverThe Labor and Delivery nurse attended my wife when she delivered our daughter, Maria. Maria was stillborn at 30 weeks. Our nurse did not leave my wife’s side all night. Though Maria was the first stillborn our nurse had delivered, she was brave, caring, and understanding. She was very gentle and kind to us. She covered all the services that were offered and explained all of them. She answered all of our questions and filled out all the paperowok. Our nurse treated my wife with respect and tender care. I had never witnessed so much compassion  from a  nurse. She held my daughter as if my daughter was a live baby, gave us many pictures, and impressions of her handprints and footprints. She listened to my wife’s questions, cries, and held my wife when nobody could reach her.

Valentin Salazar

Her Story

Distinguished CaregiverMy daughter, Maria, was our nurse’s first stillborn. She was gentle, understanding and HUMAN. She treated me as if I were delivering a live baby. She held me, helped us, made phone calls, and explained services. She spent time with my husband and me. She offered to take pictures and to give us memoirs of our daughter. She cried with me, she showed me a side of a nurse I had never witnessed. She was an angel the night I delivered my daughter. She took care of me and my husband.

Consuelo Aranda-Salazar

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