Blue & Pink Balloons

By Shani Rogers

A little girl’s hope about having a sibling, excitement of becoming one, and sadness learning the sibling passed away due to miscarriage. Though sad, she finds comfort with family.

Discover the heartfelt tale of hope, anticipation, loss, and love in Shani Roger’s moving children’s book, “Blue and Pink Balloons.” This delicately penned story seen through the eyes of a four-year-old little girl, echoes the mixed emotions of joy in becoming a big sister, and the confusion and sorrow of losing that dream to a miscarriage. Despite the heartbreak, this tale is a gentle reminder that even through the darkest times, there is a shimmer of light with the love and support from family.

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Blue and Pink Balloons: A Child’s Journey through Joy, Loss, and Healing: Rogers, Shani: 9781956769609: Books

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Blue and Pink Balloons: A Child’s Journey through Joy, Loss, and Healing by Shani Rogers, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

About Shani Rogers

Shani is a devoted wife and mother to two incredible children. She was born and raised in Long Beach California. “Blue & Pink Balloons” is the real-life story of the miscarriage their family experienced when their daughter was about to turn four. It’s a story told through their daughter’s eyes, recounting her wish for a sibling, the excitement of becoming one, and the sadness of losing the baby. This book validates children’s feelings when experiencing loss and reminds them that they are loved no matter what.

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