Dare To Remember

By: Shannon Duke

Why would you want to remember,

Remember all the pain? 

Are you sure you want to remember the heartache

That took your dreams away?

Do you really want to relive such a difficult season in life?

For in that moment, time surely stopped and the world wasn’t right.

But, you know that you must remember 

Because it somehow heals your soul.

You remember, in the midst of sorrow

There is still love that never grows old.

You remember, because you deserve

To show the world what you survived.

You remember, to help the next woman know

Peace, she will one day find.

 You remember, because for you, 

Your baby can continue to live. 

 Her memory can still impact many

And comfort, it will give.

For your angel never left you, 

she is right there by your side. 

Watching over dear Mommy

And praying that you’ll thrive.

So, continue to remember, 

Remember today and always. 

Use your tears and your courage,

and it will help you along the way. 

About Shannon Duke
Shannon Duke is the mother to seven babies resting in Heaven including her daughter Mackenzie, who was born at 21 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia. She and her husband, Marcus, were blessed by the birth of their rainbow baby Gracyn in July 2018. Shannon spent 10 years in the non-profit sector and now works alongside her husband, who is the pastor of New Day Community Church in Columbia, TN. She discusses her journey and faith through writing. You can follow Shannon on Facebook and Instagram (@savingshannond) or on her blog at www.savingshannon.net.

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