Empty Spaces

By: Ginny Limer

These dark, empty spaces are haunting, yet beautiful as it is here that we are most open to finding the light within the darkness, our passions within the pain. This empty space represents your endless pain, your broken heart, your deepest despair, and broken soul, yet this vast space also symbolizes your love, your hope, your child. Nothing and no one could ever completely fill this void, yet there are ways to cope and inspire your forever healing heart with purpose, even around anniversaries or difficult times of celebration and gathering.

*Do for others as you would do for your child. (Purchase & give an age appropriate gift and give or donate from your broken, loving heart.)

*Refurbish a sentimental item into something new. (When your hands feel especially empty, hold on to special clothing that has been transformed into a teddy bear or pillow.)

*Feed your appetite to nurture by volunteering at a food bank, women’s shelter, NICU, or nursing home. (Feed your soul when feeling empty and emotionally malnourished.)

*When disconnected from friends and family that have gathered for a grieffree time, sneak away to breathe. (Unite with your child loss groups online, or send a close friend an S.O.S.)

*There is solace to be found while sitting in the darkness, but remember to turn on the light when you want to see. (Light candles for your child and for the children of so many men and women world-wide. Remember that you are not alone. You are not alone.)

*When your heart is so hurt that you could just break something, DO. (Allow yourself a mental release, and get out some grief induced anger in a productive, creative way.)

Join a local and virtual event hosted by www.ScaredSidless.com called “Ornamental Release”. #OrnaMENTALrelease Bereaved parents will go live, and go wild as we smash ornaments with our boots and hammers then take the broken pieces and place them into transparent, fragile shells, creating a new ornament from the jagged shards, in the name of our children, in honor of our Empty Spaces.

Empty Spaces a poem

Empty space at the table

Empty space by the tree

Empty space in the photo

Empty space inside me

Empty space on the mantle

Empty space on the hearth

Empty space in my stomach

In my soul, in my heart

Empty space in the spaces

From my head, to my toe

I am so sorry you know

The empty spaces I know.

But within this dark space

There is room for light

There is space for grace

There is space for might

There is space to grieve

There is space to love

There is space for hope

From below to above

There is room for your heart

To continue to grow

From out of dark spaces

This is healing, you know.

About Ginny Limer
Ginny is a mama, teacher, writer, and photographer from Ft. Worth, Texas. Ginny and her family fund-raise throughout the year for a healing camp for kids and their families. Their “Retreat from Grief” called Camp Cullin is the main initiative of her nonprofit called Scared Sidless, which was created for bereaved families when her six month old son, Cullin, passed away from S.I.D.S.

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