I Am With You

By: Casey Zenner

Close your eyes…take a deep breath. 

Do you feel that?

The peace coming over you?

That’s me.

That’s me telling you I am okay, so please don’t worry.

That’s me waving hello and goodbye, please hurry home, I can’t wait to hear your stories. 

That’s me grabbing your leg and squeezing tight in the afternoon as your day drags on.

That’s me kissing you goodnight when you lay your head down with a big yawn. 

That’s me watching over you, making sure you stay.

One day you will come to Heaven and we will get to play. 

Not too soon though, as my mommy and daddy need you to help them ride the waves.

I know this is hard for you, but remember you need to stay brave. 

I can’t be there to tell you I love you, but I promise if you look around you will see that I am jumping up and down saying;Hey! Look at me!

Do you see that butterfly fluttering in front of your window?

Or the beautiful cardinal perched on the tree?

Do you sometimes hear the wind chimes when there is no breeze?

You will feel and hear me, wishing you could see me.

I am all around you if you just take a minute and breathe. 

So please don’t forget me

To all the grandparents who hold their grandchildren in their hearts instead of their arms, especially Avery’s grandparents, may you know we love you on this Grandparents Day. 


About Casey Zenner

My name is Casey! I am a wife, mother and friend. I have 2 dogs, a wonderful husband and am blessed to be the mama of Brayden, my spunky 3 yr old, and Avery, my angel baby. We are also foster parents on our journey to adoption! I live in Texas, am a stay at home mom and a travel agent. After losing Avery, I lost myself. While I attempted to find my way back I founded Avery’s Angels. A non profit that provides Angel Moms with comfort packages and cards after the loss of a child. (www.facebook.com/flyhighlittleones)  There is someone always telling me how strong I am, when the truth is, when being strong is the only choice you have, you just keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually you begin to believe in your strength too. 

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