Why Did You Start A Share Chapter?

Chapter Leaders reflect on their Share experiences and why they chose to start a Share Chapter.

I came to know of Share when we were going through the loss of our first son. I had never heard of them before. They helped us through the loss of two babies, and we are forever grateful for the memories we were able to bring home and look back on.

I chose to start a Share chapter because there were no local chapters where I live. I wanted a way to honor my boys, and one thing that helped me get through my losses was to be able to help others who were going through the pain of losing a baby.

The training was great! It was quite overwhelming at times, but I walked away with a lot of helpful info, and I’m ready and excited now to get things rolling!

I learned of Share as a brand new RN, when I met Cathi Lammert coming to meet with a family at the loss of their 1st child and oldest son. I had the privilege to care for this mom and dad, as well as learn from Cathi. I wasn’t a mom yet myself, but something drew me to learning more and making it my passion. I remember telling my dad (my mom had passed) about the organization and him commenting how there wasn’t anything like that when my brother passed. I think that was when something clicked to make it my passion.

I started a group when I transferred hospitals in the system. They didn’t really have anyone interested in ‘heading it up,” so I took it on. I then met a mom who lost her twins at the Share family picnic, we became friends as she was trying to get a group closer to home, but needed some assistance. So we quickly combined our efforts and our chapter took off. This is my true passion. I hug my own kids every chance I get, because I understand what a great gift they are.

The support I received from Share has had a lasting impact on our family. The people we have met through Share have empowered us to keep our little guy’s memory alive and do things that include him in the lives of our living children. I don’t think we would have thought to do the things we do if not for Share, and we are eternally grateful.   

I was interested in stillbirth information. Since I work in Labor and Delivery. I felt we were not helping when the doctor said,  “Don’t let the family see the baby, it would be too traumatic.” That didnt make sense to me. So, when I heard Sister Jane Marie was giving inservices, my hospital sent us. And so it came to be ongoing. I still work Labor and Deliver and have been a childbirth educator in my hospital for 40 years so the doctors give me a lot of leeway.

I came to know share after losing my first son when I was 38 weeks pregnant in 2013. I had never imagined that when I went to the hospital to check on him due to no movement, that they would tell me there was no heart beat. I honestly didn’t know a thing about stillbirth, and it was the last thing I expected them to tell me.

Share was there for me, from that day in the hospital and through today. I also chose to start a chapter because there were none in my community. I want to help others like share helped me. I am so thankful for everything they have done for me and my family.

I learned of Share a few months after we lost our twin sons in 2007. It took me a while, but I finally found a Share Parents of Utah brochure in my bereavement folder that was provided by the hospital. My husband and I attended several support meetings, and later on I learned that although SPoU doesn’t provide support to that particular hospital-they do provide bereavement materials. In 2014 I started to volunteer within the organization and now lead our group here!

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