The Hardest Part

By: Artis Granville

The hardest part is everything. Everything hurts the same.

If I had to choose what hurts the most my dear, it’s you not being here for me to call you by name.

For now, when I call your name my child it is in remembrance of you,

For I refuse to let the whole world forget that your tiny footprints were once here too.

Artis M. Granville is an African American author, poet, and mother. Artis is a South Chicago, IL, native with a fiery passion to raise awareness about Pregnancy and Infant Child Loss in minority communities, with a particular interest in positive bereavement strategies and emotional support resources. She lost her son at 22 ½ weeks of pregnancy and through the grace of God, inherited the gift of poetic expression, which has been therapeutic in mourning the loss of her son Aidan. While this experience has been both tumultuous and disheartening, Artis has a heavenly bond with Aiden. Her heartfelt emotions are expressed through poems, captured in a journal, which serve as timeless memories and conversations between mom, dad, and baby. Her journal can be found at Artis’s mission is to keep Aidan’s legacy alive by encouraging grieving parents to create new resources that will help keep the cycle of resources overflowing for grieving parents globally.

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