The Lyrics That Help To Tell My Story

By: Ann-Marie Ferry

I love words. They are like food for my soul. A good phrase can capture a thought like a snapshot and then paint it in vivid color. Soon after the loss of my son, when friends and family did not know what to say and when the thoughts in my head were still beyond verbalization, lyrics told my story. Lyrics told me I was not alone. Each song on this list helped to paint the pictures of my thoughts and emotions. I hope that you find among them a song that is written just for you.

My Top Singer Songwriter on Child Loss

JJ Heller’s three beautiful songs on child loss each touch my soul.

  1. Olivianna (neonatal loss) – JJ Heller ( JJ Heller – Olivianna (Official Audio Video) – YouTube )
  2. Always (miscarriage) – JJ Heller (JJ Heller – Always (Official Audio Video) – YouTube )
  3. Who You Are (infertility, death of child through an accident) – JJ Heller ( JJ Heller – Who You Are (Official Music Video) – YouTube )

My Top Three: The Ever Present Love a Parent for Their Child

A parents love for their child knows no bounds. Death itself cannot break the bond between parent and child. Each of these songs expresses that love.

  1. I Will Carry You – Selah ( “I Will Carry You” – Selah (Amy Perry, Allan Hall, Todd Smith) – YouTube )
  2. Gone Too Soon – Daughtry ( Daughtry – Gone Too Soon (Official) – YouTube )
  3. Dance in My Dreams – Blair’s West ( Dance in My Dreams – YouTube )

My Top Classical Song Without Lyrics

In the first months after my son’s stillbirth, I happened upon Tracce. It is lyric-less, yet it told the story of my broken heart.

Tracce – Ludovico Einaudi ( Ludovico Einaudi – Tracce – YouTube )

My Top Three: The Hope of Seeing One’s Child Again

A breeze of peace and calm comes over me when I think of seeing my child again. I cry tears of sadness and of hopeful joy when I hear these songs. One day baby boy “I will see you again”.

  1. See You Again – Carrie Underwood ( Carrie Underwood – See You Again (Official Video) – YouTube )
  2. Hug Him Once for Me – Erica McClure ( Hug Him Once for Me – YouTube )
  3. Far Kingdom – Gray Havens ( The Gray Havens – Far Kingdom – YouTube )

My Top Christian Songs on Child Loss

This song speaks to the pain of loss not only through lyrics but through the lulling melody. Not only has this song touched my heart countless times but the woman whose story is depicted in “Held”, Vaneetha Randall Risner ( Vaneetha Risner ) is my favorite author on loss and suffering.

Held – written by Christa Wells; performed by Natalie Grant ( Natalie Grant-Held – YouTube )

My Top Five: Finding Comfort During Suffering Through Ones Faith

Like a faithful friend walks beside you in grief, these songs walked beside me after the loss of my son and during the anxious days of my rainbow pregnancies.

  1. He Will Hold Me Fast – Keith and Kristyn Getty ( Keith & Kristyn Getty – He Will Hold Me Fast (Live) – YouTube )
  2. Need You Now – Plumb ( NEED YOU NOW (How Many Times) by Plumb (official lyric video) – YouTube )
  3. Your Hands – JJ Heller ( JJ Heller – Your Hands (Official Audio Video) – YouTube )
  4. My Help, My God – Sandra McCracken ( My Help, My God | Sandra McCracken – YouTube )
  5. Blessings – Laura Story ( Laura Story – Blessings (Live) – YouTube )


About Ann-Marie Ferry

Ann-Marie is a nurse based in the Midwest. Her and her husband have been married for close to a decade. She has three spunky girls and one sweet little boy in heaven. After nine months of hyperemesis, hemorrhage, and pre-term labor, her first pregnancy resulted in a full-term baby girl. Kuyper, her second child, was stillborn during his second trimester in 2013. Her third pregnancy concluded six weeks early resulting in a NICU stay. Although, still complicated and high risk, she would describe her fourth and final pregnancy as a redeeming experience. 

Ann-Marie can be found blogging at  and on Instagram @ann_marieferry.


  1. April G on August 1, 2021 at 2:06 pm

    What you want through will never be okay, but:

    This song has encouraged me many, many times.

  2. Ann-Marie Ferry on August 6, 2021 at 3:21 am

    April, thank you for sharing that song. It is really beautiful. I love the violin in it. Glad you have found a song of your own for comfort.

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