Is This Your First?

By Maria Paredes, PhD, LPCS   Brave Momma,   The one in prenatal yoga tonight with a 12 week flat belly. Your first time coming. I see you.   I started going to the classes around the same time during my 3rd and 4th pregnancies. 11 or 12 weeks pregnant.

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Empty Spaces

By: Ginny Limer These dark, empty spaces are haunting, yet beautiful as it is here that we are most open to finding the light within the darkness, our passions within the pain. This empty space represents your endless pain, your broken heart, your deepest despair, and broken soul, yet this

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surviving the holidays

Surviving The Holidays

By: Rose Carlson, Share Program Director For most people, thinking about the holidays brings thoughts of joyous celebrations with family and friends. But for someone who has had a baby die, thinking about the holidays brings on feelings of dread instead of feelings of excitement. A time that you may

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