Back to Normal

By: Ann-Marie Ferry

When normal seems on its way

And tears have now ceased

When all the thoughts in my head 

Have settled in a calm place 

The flood gates open 

Destroying my glimpse of peace

When my mosaic heart is crumbling 

And I can’t take a breath 

When tears start in my throat 

Burning their way to my eyes

Those are the days 

Normal seems like a curse

“Normal you are a tease”

About Ann-Marie Ferry

Ann-Marie is a nurse based in the Midwest. Her and her husband have been married for close to a decade. She has three spunky girls and one sweet little boy in heaven. After nine months of hyperemesis, hemorrhage, and pre-term labor, her first pregnancy resulted in a full-term baby girl. Kuyper, her second child, was stillborn during his second trimester in 2013. Her third pregnancy concluded six weeks early resulting in a NICU stay. Although, still complicated and high risk, she would describe her fourth and final pregnancy as a redeeming experience. 

Ann-Marie can be found blogging at and on Instagram @annyeferry.

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  1. Mary on May 22, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    Love love love it and you!

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