The Purple Blanket

By: Jessieca Dingler

Blankets are associated with comfort and warmth, especially those that are handmade. Each stitch so carefully woven to form a wave of colorful hues that we enjoy. Most hospitals have an inventory of crocheted blankets to give to the families of babies who have passed, but I never expected a simple crocheted blanket to leave such an impression.

When Madelyn was born, she was placed in the most beautiful, crocheted blanket woven with hues of purple. She was gently placed in that blanket as she lay there-born still, but still born. Madelyn looked so perfect in that purple wave of comfort as if she were napping, but she was very much alive in Heaven.

After holding her for a short while, it was time for the funeral home to pick her up and it would be the last time I would see my sweet baby on this earth. As much as I want Madelyn here, I was able to keep that beautiful blanket. That blanket remains in my hope chest today, along with several other special items that were for Madelyn. Do I look at it every day? No, but I do think of it every day as I always have Madelyn on my mind.

Just as the blanket was woven with such love and care, Madelyn wove a special stitch into my life. She was made with such care and love that I am thankful she knew for 30 weeks as I carried her. Madelyn never knew anything but comfort, warmth, and love – just as blankets bring us the same feeling.

The purple blanket was carefully woven by a stranger that had no idea how much comfort it would bring my broken heart. The hues of purple highlighting the beautiful sites Madelyn must be seeing now, and the warmth her memory brings to my heart. That purple blanket will forever hold a symbol of hope that I will get to see Madelyn again one day – and what a beautiful day that will be.

About Jessieca Dingler

Jessieca is married to the love of her life, Drew and they have a daughter, Madelyn in heaven. They have a lab, Sadie and a cat, Holly that they greatly enjoy having around. Jessieca enjoys outdoor activities such as gardening, running, and drinking coffee on the porch. She also finds joy in cooking and making homemade goods like soap and jams.

Jessieca is very humbled to share the story of Madelyn with you. Madelyn Grace was born still on November 14, 2018. This loss not only brought the difficult waves of grief but reinvented the woman who everyone knew beforehand. Jessieca not only endured loss, but horrible postpartum depression that lingered for quite some time; however, she is thankful for the Lord’s Grace during dark seasons. As painful as it may seem, Jessieca believes that sharing her little girl and the things that help her through each day is an honor. Jessieca loves to share their story in hopes that others find encouragement through the stormy seasons of life – especially in the realm of infant loss.  

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  1. Karrie Cardenas on July 24, 2022 at 2:11 am

    This is beautiful. My daughter’s name was Kylah Vanessa and I too received a gift. Well I bought it but lady who made for me made it perfect. I am blessed to have four kids. Three on earth and one in Heaven. She was stillborn on July 3, 2021. We just celebrated her first Heavenly Birthday. I bought an image of my kids and I from the back and once the lady found out my daughter passed she put her in the pic wearing a beautiful lavender purple dress with a halo over her head. It was the perfect gift to get at that time. Purple is also the color I imagine my daughter seeing plus it was the color of everything I got her. Your blanket is beautiful and so is your story. I hope our little girls are playing together in heaven. Thank you.

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