Books To Comfort Your Heart: A Quarantine Reading List

Losing a baby can be a lonely, isolating experience, and unless one has known someone who had such a loss, it is easy to feel as if no one understands what you are experiencing. For those who are grieving the death of their baby, the right books can help you process the loss. Different types of books will provide for different needs. Some books deal with the medical aspect of loss, others are meant to help grieving children, men, etc., and others are intensely personal stories. All of these can remind a grieving parent, sibling or grandparent that it is possible to survive such a great loss and that they are not as alone as they might feel. Books dealing with grief can also comfort you and help identify coping strategies.

Share keeps an extensive resource list covering a wide-range of topics as well as an online catalog where many of these materials can be purchased. You may find yourself with some time on your hands during this unusual season, so we’ve compiled this list of books to comfort your heart. 

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Bereaved Parents:

A Silent Sorrow: Pregnancy Loss Guidance and Support for You and Your Family by Ingrid Kohn and Perry Lynn-Moffit

Empty Cradle, Broken Heart by Deborah Davis

Healing Your Grieving Heart After Miscarriage: 100 Practical Ideas for Parents and Families by Alan Wolfelt

Healing Your Grieving Heart After Stillbirth: 100 Practical Ideas for Parents and Families by Alan Wolfelt

Miscarriage: A Book For Parents by Joy and Marv Johnson


A Guide for Fathers by Tim Nelson

When Men Grieve by Elizabeth Levang


A Grandparent’s Sorrow by Pat Schweibert


For Better or Worse: A Handbook for Couples Whose Child Has Died by Maribeth Wilder Doerr

Healing Together by Marcie Lester and Sandra Lovell


Ethan’s Butterflies by Christine Jonas-Simpson

Someone Came Before You by Pat Schwiebert by Cathy Blanford

Something Happened by Cathy Blanford

Thumpy’s Story (book) by Nancy Dodge

Sharing With Thumpy (journal) by Nancy Dodge

We Were Going to Have a Baby But We Had an Angel Instead by Pat Schwiebert


A Momma’s Heart: Comfort for Loss Moms by Bethany Conkel

Grief Journal for Parents

Memory Books:

Hugged With Our Hearts: A Memory Book

We Hold You In Our Hearts: A Memory Book

Finding Hope:

Angelic Presence by Cathi Lammert and Sue Friedeck

Hope for Today, Promises for Tomorrow by Teske Grake

You are the Mother of All Mothers by Angela Miller

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