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Celebrating Through Grief

Celebrating Through Grief

By: Ginny Limer Celebrations are lighthearted, joy-filled, carefree occasions where smiles are shining, the energy is booming, rooms are full of contented people gathered together, hugging and laughing…but your heart is heavy.  Your joy is gone.  Your cares are not free.  Your smile and energy have faded.  Hugs and laughter

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The Morning After Mother’s Day

The Morning After Mother’s Day By: Jennifer Massoni Pardini The morning after Mother’s Day was harder than Mother’s Day itself . That’s a surprise. Maybe that’s because Mother’s Day itself was a Sunday. That means Ryan was home, and we took Ruby out for some tennis balls in the backyard,

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Going Back To Work After A Loss

By: Brooke Taylor Duckworth Eventually, many grieving parents find themselves in the difficult position of going back to work after some time off. Having spent the weeks that should have been maternity or paternity leave coping with the sorrow of not holding our baby in our arms, we have to

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Reflections on Grief, Healing, and Hope

By: Amy Ray Amy is a bereaved mom and member of the Baylor Grapevine Share support group in Grapevine, Texas. She shared these words with fellow Share families at the group’s walk and memorial service in November, 2015. We are so grateful that Amy has generously offered to share her

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To Each Her Own

By Sarah Bartels I had a conversation the other day with a co-worker who recently lost her Mom. She told me she was doing okay, and trying to get back into ‘real life’ just a few days after. I know that feeling, not from the loss of a parent, but

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One Sweet Day

By: RaeAnne Fredrickson   One sweet day, I will close my eyes here for the last time, and open them there for the first.   Your sparkling eyes, your darling smile, your soft hair and skin – everything wonderful I’ve missed about you – will welcome me on that sweetest

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