A Letter to my Baby Girl

By: Julz Richterman

Finding out I was pregnant 4 months after losing my baby, Bobby, brought a wave of conflicting emotions. I was thrilled I was pregnant again, anxious I would have to live through another nightmare, and angry that the new baby was “replacing” the one I lost. 

I decided to write this letter to Bobby the week I found out I was pregnant again. I took a leap of faith and included it in my baby announcement. Bobby never had an announcement, and she deserved one. 

This letter has been incredibly healing to me and I hope it can help you find some peace.

About Julz Richterman

Julz is a freelance medical writer specializing in the mental health and technological aspects of fertility. Her 10+ years’ experience as a healthcare professional did not prepare her for the loss of her baby at the end of her first trimester in July 2021. She lived firsthand how limiting and broken the system can be, even for someone who knows how to navigate it well. However, she also experienced the continuous and unbroken compassion from her healthcare team, family, and friends.

A year after losing her baby, she gave birth to her rainbow baby. She credits both her children for giving her the courage to leave corporate life and start her own business freelancing. Now she uses her experience as both a healthcare professional and patient to ensure everyone feels connected and supported by making pregnancy loss and infertility conversations less taboo. To learn more about her, please visit her LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/gabrielle-julz-richterman.

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