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Whatever It Takes

By: Lindsey Dell I love the band Imagine Dragons. They have a song called “Whatever it Takes,” which I’m certain was written about something far different than managing grief but for a long time after the loss of our baby, I felt like it was my theme song. (Actually, if we’re being really honest, my…

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Creating a Healing Memorial Garden

By: Rose Carlson Many people enjoy gardening as a relaxing and comforting way to connect with nature, so creating a special memorial garden may be the ideal project for this spring. The planning process can give you something positive and creative to focus on at a time when you may have difficulty focusing on much…

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You can help, even when feeling helpless

By: Marie Kriedman It can be difficult when friends or family grieve a loss. Watching someone work through shock and crippling pain is even more difficult when you want to help. There are no concrete steps that will make it better, and it can feel helpless. A friend of mine experienced a baby loss at…

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Words that Heal: Journaling your way through healing and hope

By: Rose Carlson People often feel intimidated by the thought of journaling because they think they are not good writers. Perhaps they have bad memories of papers and English classes with red pen marks pointing out every mistake. But journaling is not about “good” writing. Or grammar. Or punctuation. Or spelling. Or any of that.…

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These articles are written by members of the Share community. We strive to produce and share beneficial content to those who have suffered the tragic loss of a baby, as well as the caregivers to these families.

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Walking Down the Stairs: Even Good Days Hurt

June 5, 2023 |

By: Julz Richterman Tragedy is a gas that seeps into every part of your life. Not only are you left…

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Being Part of the Club

May 24, 2023 |

By: Amanda Crews When I was in labor with our son, Carson, at 37 weeks, I had a dear friend…

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I Wanted to Say Thank You, but I Couldn’t: A Letter to MY Parents

May 18, 2023 |

By: Julz Richterman Saying “thank you” used to be easy. You always supported me, even if you didn’t agree with…

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Sad Moments During Special Days

May 9, 2023 |

By: Marie Kriedman I find myself in a new place of my grief journey:  regret, with a side helping of…

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The Seasons of Grief

May 3, 2023 |

By: Robyn Busekrus Spring is a time of new beginnings. Seeing the flowers bloom at this time of year brings…

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