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The Days can be Good and Bad

By: Marie Kriedman A pregnancy loss took my breath away before my daughter had a chance to experience her first one. Like many women, I had no idea what it meant to recover from a miscarriage until I was in the middle of the experience.  There were many things I “had” to do, for which…

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The Legacy of Love: How a Mother’s Loss Ignites a Powerful Purpose

By: LaCara Biddles I reclined in profound stillness upon the unsettling confines of the hospital bed. Beside me, my husband tossed and turned as he attempted to fall into a deep slumber.  I stared at the black and white clock above the door frame. The minute hand navigated the clock’s circumference, whispering the passage of…

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A Letter to my Baby Girl

By: Julz Richterman Finding out I was pregnant 4 months after losing my baby, Bobby, brought a wave of conflicting emotions. I was thrilled I was pregnant again, anxious I would have to live through another nightmare, and angry that the new baby was “replacing” the one I lost.  I decided to write this letter…

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Growing in Grief

By: Robyn Busekrus Gardening is one of my hobbies that I enjoy. This year, my garden hasn’t been as productive as in previous years. The drought and heat have hindered our garden’s growth. When planning our garden, I think of the best produce to grow. I have learned through experience of which items grow with…

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These articles are written by members of the Share community. We strive to produce and share beneficial content to those who have suffered the tragic loss of a baby, as well as the caregivers to these families.

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The Scrabble Pieces

January 17, 2023 |

Everyday we continue to honor and love Ava.

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A Life Without Children: When Plans Change

January 9, 2023 |

By: Lindsey Dell I’ve struggled lately. It’s no secret (well, maybe it is but I feel like I wear my…

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The Love Doesn’t Stop

January 4, 2023 |

Treasured keepsakes are an important reminder that your baby is a valued member of your family.

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You’re Entitled to Your Opinion

November 21, 2022 |

Sharing your story is intended to help others and continue the story of your baby. There can be great joy with this but sadly also an exposure to unkindness and hurtful comments.

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November 7, 2022 |

By: Autumn Purdy “… I find sweet peace in depths of autumn woods, Where grow the ragged ferns and roughened…

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